10 Essential Items To Help Raise A Toddler

Raising a toddler is a wonderful experience for a mother, but it is no easy feat. Aside from the necessary parenting knowledge we have to acquire, there are also some items that can greatly facilitate how we take care of our adorable little babies. Here is then a list of 10 items you got to have when raising your little kid.


1- Step Stool


The child can use a step stool to wash his/her hands, brushing his/her teeth, and pretty much everything he/she couldn’t reach because of that cute little height. This will help the very young children start doing things independently on their own while keeping them safe at the same time.


2- Toddler-Height Shelves


It is important to introduce your child on the importance of reading at a very early age (check out our tips on how to help make your child a good reader). So devoting a corner where the toddler can reach the books fitting his/her age and take the time to browse and enjoy them would certainly prove beneficial and fun. Toddler-height shelves accompanied with a comfortable little chair will do the trick.


3- Portable Potty


Toddlers have the tendency to want to go to the toilets at any time and at any place. So keeping a portable potty close at hand at all times would without a doubt constitute a good idea. One like the Potette Plus can be carried in a case and can either be installed on top of a regular toilet or as a stand-alone with its fold-out legs and disposable bags.


4- Art Material For Little Kids


Allow your toddler to fully express himself/herself by providing a full set giving them the opportunity to get creative: paints, paper, crayons, brushes, glue, sticks, anything you can think of…. You could even join in the fun to encourage your kid, that’ll surely help to boost self-confidence.


5- Toddler Bed


Growing from a baby to a toddler is often synonymous with the sign that it is time the child starts sleeping in his/her own bed. Rather than just any regular standard-looking bed, it is nicer to let your kid sleep in an enclosed cozy bed for safety, and with a colorful design that will brighten up the sleeping place.


6- Popsicle Molds


Making popsicles is a great deal of fun. You can serve your kids some juice popsicles and smoothies, they will always be grateful for it. One like the Zoku Quick Pop Maker has the added benefit of not having to wait the whole day, with the children screaming for pops, in order to prepare a whole bunch.


7- Small Music Instruments


From small pianos to little drums, there is a variety of instruments you could bring to your kid to play. This will give him/her a nice opportunity to channel that endless energy and improve movement and coordination. Create your own family band! Just make sure the house won’t be always a noisy place….


8- Bi/Tricycle


Little children usually enjoy riding, probably because of all the freedom and fun it procures. You can then, for that effect, equip your 2-3 year old toddler with a little bicycle, tricycle, or even a small scooter with which the kid would always refuse to part with.


9- Water Table


The best kind of activities your toddler can do is the ones that favor the good development of cognitive, sensory, and physical-motor capacities. A ready made sand/water table implement such activities, with all the water play and shoveling constructions.


10- Toy Baskets


It’s important not to allow the toys to clutter around the house. Having decorative baskets, woven african baskets for instance, where you could store all the kid’s toys will help you get rid of the mess as well as adding nice ornaments to your house. Not to mention it will implement a sense of organization to the child.


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