14 Great Stress Relievers Accessories

Stress and anxiety have sadly become common afflictions in our modern world today. Whether it is because of personal issues, or problems related to work and everyday life, there is one proven solution: pause and relax. In fact, simple repeated tasks, deep breaths for example, can really help a lot to reach that serene state of mind. There are in addition some accessories made for the purpose of stress relief. Here are 14 of those that can really make a significant difference for you if you seek to manage your daily stress.

1- Punching Ball

Managing your stress and anger often requires finding a way to let out your frustration, ideally on a non-living vessel, you don’t want to create a problem. A great accessory for that is the punching bag. While optimal, it doesn’t have to be one of those big bags you see in boxing gyms, there also smaller portable versions you can use, a desktop punching ball for instance. To use it, you only need a hand pump to inflate it and suction cups to hold the support still. Punch at will, it won’t hit back.

2- Stress Ball

By continuously applying pressure on a stress ball, you pass on to it a certain amount of your concentration, and by extension your anxiety and concerns. Small enough to fit inside your palm, the stress ball is made of a porous material that enables it to bulk up and contact, depending on how strong you squeeze it. Using a stress ball constitutes also a good form of exercise. It eases the tension in the muscles and the stiffness in the finger joints. Stress ball is convenient in that you can carry it with you everywhere you go. You can either buy one stress ball or if you want to use it in a more regular exercise, prefer a set of stress balls with different degrees of resistance.


3- Back Massager

One of the notable reasons people usually complain about for creating work-related stress is the painful bad posture and back problems caused by sitting in a desk for hours. You can address that particular issue by investing in a portable back massager pillow. Moreover, there is no need to interrupt your work to use the back massager, just choose a model matching your office chair and get massaged while working at the same time.

4- Scalp Massager

Experiencing many stress episodes can result in migraines. You can relieve some of that extremely bothersome tension with a scalp massager. Put on the top of your head, it realizes an up and down sliding motion that stimulates the hair follicles and scalp, the resulted friction creating a warmth sensation that eases the migraine. The scalp massager doesn’t have necessarily to work on your head, you can use it to massage your legs, arms, and neck too!

5- Anti-Stress Mask

It is a quick to use face mask with stress-relieving properties. Applied for about 10 to 15 minutes until it dries out, you can then wash it with warm water and feel a rejuvenated and fresher face. Feeling fresh and good is surely a nice and efficient way to reduce your weariness.

6- Aromatherapy Pillow

It is no mystery that smelling sweet fragrances is a great anti-stress method. Aromatherapy pillows combines the fluffiness of a relaxing pillow with some stuffed grains that release a distinctive calming smells made of sandalwood, eucalyptus, or lavender when heated up. You can easily heat up the pillow by putting it for a couple of minutes in the microwave; you can also freeze it up to use it as a cooling pad. Quite the interesting multi-effect pillow.

7- Lotions And Bath Products

A famous and popular way to relax after a stressful hard day’s work is taking a long, nice bath. You can use in that effect several scented (don’t forget a nice aroma’s benefits) relaxing lotions, oils and other bath products. For instance, the Bath & Body Works line proposes a popular choice of products,.ranging from body lotions, shower gels, body scrubs and exquisite foam bath products.

8- Scented Candles

Yet another sweet-scented tool to relax and enjoy is a scented candle. With a bunch of them, you can create this sought-after cozy atmosphere that will help you loosen up in your bedroom or wherever you spend some time in the house. Pay attention to the nature of fragrances though, too strong ones might get you dizzy instead.

9- Incense Sticks

Incense sticks provide an alternative to scented candles. They are a bit safer as they die out quicker and you would only need between half an hour and an hour to sense their relaxing aromas. Again watch out not to pick anything too strong or a smell unfamiliar to you.

10- Aroma Diffuser

Last in the line of aroma gadgets we propose in this list, the aroma diffuser is a time and quality efficient gadget to spread your favorite scents around the room. It works like a humidifier by producing cold aroma-infused air that circulates around. I cannot stress this enough (excuse the pun…) but relaxing with sweet-smelling aromas around is positive in reducing down your anxiety.

11- Noise Cancelling Headphones

A quiet environment is optimal for reducing stress, making noise cancelling headphones very convenient when there is a barking dog or traffic noise outside that are constantly harassing you. From the many styles of headphones available, prefer one with padded ear plugs so as to cover the whole ear for optimum comfort and isolation.

12- Sound Machine

A sound machine plays a relaxing set of tunes that simulate the pleasant noises from such places as the ocean, waterfalls, wildlife and other types of white noise. White noise machines can thus drown out the bad noises that might keep you off from relaxation or sleep with other friendly ones.

13- Guided Meditation CDs

Meditation is an established technique to help get rid of stress, it soothes the mind and relaxes the body. It is said that a good fifteen-minute meditation session is worth of more than an hour of nap. If you don’t know how to begin handling meditation, there are good meditation guides you could purchase that will teach you the basics on what to do before you can take it by yourself. These are guided meditations so you listen to them at the same time you are meditating.

14- Yoga

If you’re looking for more than just meditation but for a good workout as well, yoga is the perfect physical activity as it works on both body and mind. Yoga harmonizes them by realizing some postures that loosen up the muscles, while the breathing calms the soul. Check out our articles on Yoga gear for more information if you are interested, you won’t be sorry!

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