4 Simple Tips To Help You Prevent Your Kids From Summer Slide

Summer is your kids’ favorite time during the year. There is no school or school responsibilities. Your kids just hang around, relax, and enjoy their time with no worries. But Having a 3 months vacation means your kids may forget all what they’ve learned in school, especially your young kids. But don’t worry, there are many ways and ideas you can follow to prevent summer slide, such as books and learning games. Keep on reading to know 4 simple tips to help you prevent your kids from summer slide.


1) Reading books can be the best way to keep knowledge flowing:

Reading books is the easiest way to keep your kids interested in knowing about things, such as culture, history, art, or just fantasy stories. You can find some really good books online, or you can go for old ones that will cost you pretty much nothing. You can choose the books depending on your kids age, and his/her reading level. Another way to keep your kid from learning during summer, is to enroll him/her in a reading camp or program where he/she can read with his/her peers. The best thing about these programs, is that at the end of the program your kid gets rewarded for his/her effort.


2) Make sure your kid gets involved in learning activities and have enough educational books:

Every book can be educational, but there are some more than others. You can find lots of books in all fields and areas, and they are age specific, which is perfect, because it will be using simple vocabulary that your kid can understand. Educational books can also help your kid remember all the facts and information he/she learned at school. You can also invest in some educational game boards, such as memory games, peg It boards, or SMATH, to help develop your kid’s mental abilities. If you know any kind of learning activities, then make sure you get your kid involved too. The best way to keep your kid interested is by getting involved as well. This will make a great time to bond and it will surely be beneficial for the whole family.


3) Introduce learning games into your kid’s life:

Games are always fun, learning games are even better, because you simply get the best of two amazing things, playing and learning. Aside from board games, there are also a lot of games that can be downloaded on the computer, ipad, phone, or any other hand-held devices. This must be the best way to make your kid learn, especially that kids love tech. You can find lots of great apps age specific to help your kids learn about stuff, like spelling games, math equations, capital of countries all over the world, questions about history and cultures of a specific country, the history of the United State of America, and many other stuff that may get your kid intention.


4) Keep on encouraging your kid to learn:

Kids may get a little bit stubborn and insist on watching TV or playing outside instead of actually reading and learning, but there are ways you can persuade your kid to learn and read, such as promise to take him/her to a nice family trip next weekend, get him/her a video game he/she really wants or by simply giving him/her a nice gift to show him/her how much you appreciate the effort your kid made. You can aslo encourage your kid, by doing activities with him/her as well.

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