A guide to get the best running shorts

Whether you’re a woman or a man, running shorts should be in your wardrobe. They will provide all the comfort you need to run freely, because they are lightweight and  their materials are breathable.If you are a man, then you may want to get shorts with  internal support in the form of an inner brief, so that you won’t need to wear underwear. There are different types to choose from, you just need to find the one for you and this buying guide will help to exactly do that.


1) Short length:

If you are running long distance, then short with low length would be perfect for you. They are really light and will give you the best airflow and all the comfort you need to run freely.


2) Long length:

Short distances runners prefer long shorts. The number one goal is to run with comfort. So make sure that your long shorts do not retain heat or moisture.


3) Shorts with Pockets:

A pocket can be great to put your keys in or a small quantity of food to keep your energy. But having shorts with pockets can be extremely bad, because you might end up with a heavy pocket that will disturb your comfort, and make you slow.


4) Compression shorts:

Compression shorts are extremely lightweight. They are popular among women more than men. But that doesn’t mean that men don’t wear them. The compression technology may offer more freedom to move than in other running shorts.

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