Best 5 crib sets for your baby girl

There is nothing more delightful than decorating your little princess’s room. It will give you so much joy to know that just in few months, this room going to be full of life. So you need to make sure to choose fresh, bright colors for the room, so that your baby girl giggle with joy while exploring her new home. But remember, the most important part of the room is her crib. Which makes sense since she’ll be spending most of her time in it. Thus you need to pay a lot of intention to choose the most comfortable, beautiful crib there is.



Turning your baby girl’s room into a palace, is the perfect way to make her feel like a true princess. Finding a fairy tale-themed bedding is not that hard, you can easily find a crib set featuring princesses, fairies and castles.



If you want to get the sophisticated classy look for your little one’s room, then a floral print baby bedding will do the trick. It is beautiful and girly and she can spend years with that decor, even if she gets a bigger bed.


Dots and stripes:

Dots and stripes are classy designs that will give the room an elegant look. They are easy to mix and match, and they come in variety of colors. You can keep it truly girly by getting a purple, pink design, or a contemporary look with yellow and grey. But whatever color you choose it will look perfect.



Patchwork are lots of fun. They’re colorful, full of life and will give the room a beautiful charm. You can get large or small designs with different patterns, depending on your taste.


Black and white:

It will take your baby a few months before she can actually distinguish colors. Black and white can help stimulate your baby’s eyesight. So you can go for a zebra theme or a classic damask. But you can always add a crib set with a pink or purple trim.


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