best gifts ideas for gamers

Best Gifts Ideas for Gamers

Video games never fail to entertain. Further more than just simply entertaining, video games are a way of learning some new skills and why not making some new friendships. However, some of us enjoy video games more than over, which is a normal thing since interests differ from one person to another. Even people that share the same passion for video games, might differ when it comes to the kind of video games they are most passionate about. If you are about to buy a gift for your friends who happens to be a video games enthusiast, this guide will help you get the perfect gift that will draw an everlasting smile on your friend’s face.

Best Gifts for Gamers:


  • Identifying a gamer:

Identifying a gamer is never a hard task. They are two types of gamers: Casual gamers, that enjoy the fun of playing and competing but are not games addicts, and maintain a normal life, just like any regular person with hobbies and interests. And there are hadcore gamers, and those usually are introverts and are addicted to video games, till the point that they sound like expert when the subjects of video games is brought to discussion, they can fill you in with the updates and tricks of almost any game available, and specially their favorite ones. The clear sign that someone is into video games is their clothing in general and their t-shirts in particular. Gamers do not care about fashion at all, they prefer dressing casually, a pair of comfortable jeans and sneakers along with a geeky t-shirt that usually features a character from a video game is they usual outfit. They also tend to talk about videogames character as if they were real people, and would fiercely defend them if you point out something negative about them.


  • Video game magazines:

Video game magazines provides the gamers with the cheats and codes they all long for, to rise and win. They also keep them up to date about upcoming games and their reviews.


  • T-shirts:

You can spot a gamer in public just by his t-shirt. They are really into nerdy and geeky t-shirts that feature characters from their favorite game or some sarcastic funny slogans. Get your gamer friend a cool t-shirt and it will never be forgotten.

  • Gaming chairs:

Gamers tend to sit still for long periods while enjoying their game and losing track of time. Whether your friend gamer likes to play on the computer or on the big screen, getting them a comfortable chair or suitable sofa will double their enjoyment.

  • Xbox one:

Xbox one has plenty of exciting features and provides the joyment multiplayer. Gamers all over the world Love the Xbox one, and your lucky gamer will certainly love it as well, and love you for it.


Whether the person you are getting a gift for is a casual or a hardcore gamer, a Nintendo Wii u will always be a cool gamer gift that provides a lot of fun and very suitable for inviting friends over and enjoying a game together.


  • Watches:

Gamers tend to lose track of time whenever they are either in the middle of a game, or away from their gadgets. Getting your fellow gamer a cool, nerdy & geeky kind of watch is a very thoughtful gift.


  • PlayStation 4:

Usually, gamers all have a Playstation 4 or had it at some point. If your gamer friend ever mentions how he or she misses playing on a PlayStation 4, it might be the perfect gift to get them. If They still have a PlayStation 4, getting them games will be just as perfect.

  • Computer hardware:

A hardcore gamer is never satisfied with his computers hardware. There is always faster and sharper and better, and they tend to seek the best for a high-quality time and enjoyment. The best thing you can offer as PC gamer is advanced hardware upgrades for their computers



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