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Five Things to know Before Buying Shoes: Women

People say tells you every time that a good pair of shoes take you to good places, dear lady, your outfit matters, whether you’re at work, party, or a bar, the way you dress up reflects your personality, especially the shoes. We know that there are plenty of options is the market that may make you feel lost, for that reason, we have salvaged for you some helpful advices to help you pick up the perfect pair that fits you and which is suitable for the place you’re going to visit, so dear lady,  here are the four steps you should follow.


1- Know Your Type and Destination

First of all dear lady, you should know what type of events you are going to attend in order to pick up a suitable pair of shoes for it, it could be pumps, sandals, heels, boots, Wellies, Uggs, Vans, trainers…for example if you are going to a party, the perfect type for you is the fancy heels, if you are just hanging out then the nice comfortable choice is the sneakers, but if you are just visiting a cousin or a friend, the cute pumps are the right choice for you, so again, the most important thing is to specify the event.


2- Choosing Right

The used material for making shoes differs from a type to another, and your choice depends on your personal preference, for example fancy shoes are most of time made of Synthetic material, however, Leather is the major material used for making sandals , moccasin and so many shoes, then there are Canvas or Lycra, these two are the best choices for you if you are looking for comfortable shoes, based on what we said before dear lady, defining your needs is what makes it so easy for you to pick up the right pair of shoes.


3- Your Size

The main purpose from wearing shoes is to protect your feet from any harm, which means dear lady that you have to completely avoid buying the harmful ones, the shoes should comfort you whenever you move and wherever you go as long as possible, never choose the shoes just because you have fallen for them, be selective, look for what fits your feet, take off the horse blinkers and remember that the shoes should not be too tight or too loose, otherwise you’ll regret it, your feet will be in a mess and you wouldn’t even be able to wear anything for quite sometime, we do not aim to sound harsh but the is the fact of it all.


4- Pick A Color

All things that we have said before were good advices to help you pick up the typical pair of shoes, however, the choice of the color depends on the colors you have on your attire, matching up between the outfit and the shoes is the most important step, the ability to make an impact wherever you go will vary, so here dear lady, your taste is going to play a very important role, well, let’s say the most important role, because matching colors is an art, and it may affect your outfit positively or negatively, so you must pick up the right one.

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