Games You Should Definitely Play In A Bounce House With Your Kids

There is no doubt that kids enjoy playing outdoors, especially if all the means to do that are available. If you own a big house, you should be able to afford a big space to put big games in the back garden or in an empty room. One of the most fun games you can have for your children is an Inflatable Bouncer, you can either rent it or buy it and the latter seems better than the former in a lot of cases. You will always, if you buy a bounce house, have can fun with your kids on important events and and keep them entertained without loosing enough time to look for a bouncer. Kids prefer to jump around and bounce on beds all day, but that can cause some damage, so buying a bounce house is practical if your kids are energetic, you can buy small ones or big ones if you intend to spend sometimes jumping around yourself as a parent. Adult supervision is necessary even though Inflatable Houses are perfectly safe, but you presence will prevent any rough play by your children.


You can get more fun if you have all the games planned instead of just jumping aimlessly around. Sit down with your kids and discuss the games you can play, by doing this, you can have a thorough idea on what your kids exactly want to play, if you find that their games are not suitable there are plenty of options to adopt and from which we mention a  few in this article.


Flag Control


This a popular game which never fails to convey what it is expected from it. It is a sportive activity and fun, it is also preferable that you own a big bounce house to play this one as it should be played. You can distribute your children into teams of two, four or more if you are playing with a bunch of kids. Make a specific color for every team, and place flags of the same colors inside the bounce house, each one far away from the other. Equipe every kid with a color pistol or water pistol if you designed color t-shirts for the teams, they will use these guns to defend their flags while the other part of their team are trying to get the enemy’s flag, and whoever collects the flags first wins


Flip And Race


This also requires a big Bounce House. Racing in this game takes a fun turn as every kid fights for himself to win. Have the kids lined up to one side of the wall or garden, at at the ready, give them the sign to do an acrobatic movement then start running towards the arrival point that you already set through the bounce house, once they are there, they should touch the sign and come back running to where they started, or to the second arrival point, you can set as many laps as you want, whoever arrived the first is the winner. Just make sure you don’t exhaust your children, there is still time to play so many games




Before you start playing with kids, fill the bounce house with balloons, when the kids get in, they can play as they will with the balloons, taking under consideration that there are enough balloons to anyone. Its up to them to do what they want with them so you will be at rest, to do your job if you are busy.




Basketball set is required for this game. There are bounce houses that come with these equipments but if you got yours without, you can always buy them elsewhere. You can hang baskets on the bounce house and set a point from which they can throw balls in, set a number of jumps one needs to perform before throwing the ball. For example, you can give five points if your kid jumped once and got the ball in, ten if he or she jumped twice and so on. You can also set a timer for everyone’s role.


Kids See Kids Do


This game exercises memory as much as muscles. The basics of this game is to make your kids see and remember moves you or the kids themselves performed and repeat them, by moves we refer to acrobatics, if the next child performed the move well he or she should add another move to the series, and the kid next add a third one and so on, it will eventually become a big series of moves and it will become harder to remember all of them.The rule is that anyone who fails to perform the series of moves leaves the bounce house, the last one to stay inside wins.


Simmons The Boss


This is a famous game that improves awareness and reflexes. The game is led by someone who gives orders by saying “Simon says” and the order after it. The children however, should do what the boss (Simons) says only if he said “Simmons says”, if not, they must stay still. This game keeps going till there is a winner, the winner is selected later as the ones who moved in orders given without saying “Simmons says” gets eliminated until only one left.


Bounce And Dance


It is time to add music to the games if you are already getting bored, the concept of this game is centered on music, the competitors should keep bouncing as long as the music is playing, when the music stops the ones who keeps bouncing lose and leave the bouncing room, this goes on until someone loses. If music is not available, you can always use clapping and shouting the order, the most important thing is that this game mode is a lot of fun and can go for a very long time without being bored.


Balloon Kicking


For this game you will need strong big balloons. The basics of this game is about kicking the ball as high as possible, get your kinds positioned back on all their four to the ground, they should keep the bottom sticking to the floor while kicking the balloons. The winner is chosen by two measures, either whoever kicked the balloon the highest or whoever lost control first, the last one wins.


You can have all this planned of course or you can just leave the children do whatever they want, they can too get their fun for themselves inside a bouncer house. You engage in these games if you want kill him, otherwise you can just go do your needs and return after to find the kids either exhausted or still having their fun. Keep in mind that you should appoint an adult to be a supervisor over the little kids, leaving them alone may cause something they cannot be blamed for while having fun, such as injuries or small cute fights.

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