How to Make your Children Good Readers

Reading is a good habit to develop. Research have proved that developing reading at an early age enhances general knowledge, vocabulary, fluency in reading, attention span and concentration. There’s also a correlation between reading and academic success. Keeping in mind that oral language can be used as a tool to develop literacy, here are some tips that will hopefully help you encourage your child to read more and eventually become a good reader.

Reading out loud every day

Even though the child is still a baby, you can start reading aloud as it is sensitive to your voice and pays attention. At the right age, you can start reading from board and picture books while showing the images with your finger at the same time. 20 to 30 minutes a day is a good amount, no matter the material. When the child learns to read, do continue reading out loud together with turn  takings. Fluency also develops by listening to fluent readings. You can finish the session by discussing the book and asking questions.

Go often to the library with your child

As often as possible, tag your children along with you when going to the library. Let them pick any reading material they wish browsing, motivation is a strong factor for a good reading development. Old enough, let them have their very own library card as it would give them a boost of self-confidence and it will also make them learn responsibility by taking care of the borrowed books themselves.

Set up a reading spot

For optimal reading, create a cozy space in your apartment specifically designed for reading. It will allow the child to sit down with their books. Provide a bookshelf where the children can store the books and easily access them. The focus should lay on the comfort and the reading, so a good lighting is paramount and distractions such as TV and laptops should be put away.

A Dictionary

Buy them a dictionary, for beginners’ at first and then gradually to more advanced levels or they can use a good online dictionary. It is important to encourage them to look up words they don’t understand by themselves, self-learning is the best way to integrate new knowledge.

Be an example

Before turning into angsty teens, children actually look up to their parents. So setting the example by transmitting your fondness of books, simply by reading regularly yourself, will show them that it is a worthwhile and they would probably want to emulate you.


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