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Keep your Hair Color on Point

We all crave a bit of change every once in a while. Changing your hair color can boost your self-confidence, mood and attitude. But it is not always that we can afford treating our hair at a professional hair salon because of the high prices, and the must of almost monthly visits for touching-up. All of that would cost you a fortune and a lot of energy. This is the reason why we are offering you this guide to help you get it done, and get the best results on your own. This is how to take care of your hair color all by yourself.

Don’t let your root show up

Once you get used to touching up your roots on your own, you will no longer feel the need to visit a hair salon for that matter. All you need is to pick the right product, and L’Oreal® Paris Preference Mousse Absolue might be just the perfect choice for you. It is  the first no-mix product that is ready to use whenever you need it, for multiple applications.

Try to cover all your hair

The roots on the top and front of your hair are the most seen part, make sure to start from there and cover them well with color, specially if you have gray hair. The best way to make sure you don’t miss any part or strand of hair is to use a comb to divide your stresses into equal parts and whole ones up until you finish others. Why you finish dyeing all the sections of hair, comb all your hair together for a final time, to allow to color to spread evenly.

Touching up!

L’Oreal® Paris Preference Mousse Absolue might be the best products you can use in order to unify the color of your roots with the color of the rest of your hair. This treatment comes in an easy-to-use bottle you can use for touch-ups anywhere, anytime, and for multiple times.

Cover up your gray hair:

As you age, your hair ages as well, and sometimes it might age even before you do. Yes, young people suffer from gray hair as well, but the good thing is, gray hair is easy to conceal because it absorbs hair color easier than colored hair. However, blonds and redheads might have a gray that is a bit more difficult to conceal but hard the spot in the same time. Noticing a gray hair just when you are about to go out can be really annoying, and of course you do not have time to dye it, and maybe the weather is not just right to hide it with a hat. The key to covering gray hair right up is: L’Oreal® Paris Preference Mousse Absolue.

Mistakes first-timers should avoid:

The most natural thing you should do in your first-time coloring on your own is to read the instructions on the package and follow them. Yet, the package doesn’t say it all, the following are examples of mistakes you can commit, and how to avoid them:

After dyeing your hair directly without trying out the color first, you might have some serious consequences to deal with. To avoid all the mess, try the color on a strand of hair first, and then decide whether to embrace it or change your mind about it.

In case you have allergies, or not sure about how would your skin react to the chemicals in the product you are about to dye your hair with, try it on your hand’s skin first. Mix a little ot the color solution and apply it to your skin for at least 48 hours and then notice if some kind of redness or itchiness will occur. If it does, wash it off your skin immediately and do not use the product.

While choosing a shade or a color, try not to go too far from your natural shade, unless you are counting on renewing the color every time your roots start showing up. Picking a shade that is close to your natural color, will not make the roots stand out, and will also make the touch-up process a lot easier.

Permanent hair coloring:

For a long lasting hair color, opt for a permanent hair coloring. But, you should be aware that a permanent color treatment can cause your hair to become too dry, so you will need to treat is at least once per week by a deep hair conditioner. You can try L’Oreal® Paris EverPure Moisture Deep Restorative Masque, for example.

Your hair will also grow more sensitive to the sun. So in order to avoid getting your hair damaged, avoid too much exposure to the sun, and make sure to protect it with a hat whenever possible.

Hair styling tools are more hair damaging than the sun, and of course more damaging to colored hair specially. To reduce the damage, use a heatspray before styling, and don’t style your hair using a flatiron too often. In case you are lost, and not acquainted with hair products, go for L’Oreal® Paris Advanced Hairstyle Sleek It Iron Straight Heatspray.

L’Oreal is known worldwide, and you can surely trust it with your hair.

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