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Our Favorite Phone Apps, Tools and Toys

Many devices already come with apps pre-installed. These range from entertainment, social and chat, utility, fitness and health, etc. However, there are numerous loads that are more practical by adding adaptability to your device. Moreover, companies are now aware that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly website. Therefore, it has become harder for apps to standout for a long term in stores. Some got replaced, updated, and others finally found their way in. Nevertheless, we all have our favorite apps list. We use them usually to fit our needs. You can monitor your weight, track your blood glucose, control your household, listen to your favorite podcasts, pay your purchases using your bank’s app. Plenty of things can be done using apps; they became our life enhancer. Some apps go hand in hand with some tools for measuring your heart rate, tracking your sleep quality, or providing some useful sensors.

Here is our best favorite apps list and tools that you will find useful for your daily usage.



You want to read some articles, watch videos or do anything, but you are running out of time ? This app lets you save your stuffs and do them later when you are ready to do so. You can save them directly from your browsers; or from apps like Facebook, twitter, and many social entertaining platforms. You can view them later from your mobile, tablet, or PC. It is available on app store and play store.


Apple Earbuds:

Sometimes, you need to listen to your personal stuffs without disturbing others.  Prominently, buying the appropriate earphones will be quite hard. You will desire sound quality, and solid components to avoid wasting money. If you are an audible fan, you will enjoy the experience of listening to your favorite books. Plug in your pair of earpods and let it give you tunes into your head.  For better experience pick what fit your ears shape. Most of them are made from pre-molded plastic, carbon elements, polymers, and metal components. However, you can always customize them by changing colors or reducing noise.



Loving music ? From older favorites to the latest hits. You will get access to a library of millions of tracks. You can browse through the music categories; play what you want to listen to, and enjoy. Their servers provide premium sound quality. If you desire a particular artist or song, Spotify provides a smart search engine to fit your needs. Subscribe; pay few dollars per month and listen with no ads. You can always download the best and listen offline. Listen whenever and wherever you want from your phone, tablet, and PC. They also provide a web based experience. It is available on IOS, Android, and windows store.


Philips Hue:

You will love it. A brilliant smart lighting. Let your imagination creates the best environment for you. It is not solely a simple LED light source. The Hue will let you customize the color of lighting. Ranging from red, green, and blue. It depends on your mood and situation. Reading, relaxing, concentrating, or simply enjoying your moments by making them alive. You can control the color that you desire over wireless by using numerous apps.


This American Life:

A weekly platform that broadcasts radio podcasts. Every week they choose one theme, and they start creating stories based on that theme as episodes. It is produced by WBEZ, and hosted by IRA GLASS. The most honest, heartwarming, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and always insightful look into our society and culture, incredibly real, and especially entertaining.




You love taking pictures and saving them as memories ? This social network platform was created to keep your memories alive. Snap a picture, customize it with the appropriate filter, and tweet it. You can always follow other celebrities, athletes, family, and friends; see the world through their artwork and creativity. You have this option of instantly sharing photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks.


Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive:

Because of the versatility of its utility, a handy tool that lets you move files whether documents, photos, or videos to or out of any device even mobiles that provide OTG technology. It has two connectors, a micro-USB one and a USB 2.0 that you can plug in your laptop or phone. It provides a storage up to 64 GB that will help you freeing more space. Sandisk has made The SanDisk Memory Zone app that will enables you to manage, organize, and backup files.



You are a climber and you want some self-training ? This   hang board was invented to cater your every need. It will help you training the different types of grip positions that you deal with whilst climbing. The beastmaker training app that is available on app store and playstore assists climbers by telling them whether they are progressing on their exercises and which grips they are strong and weak on. It is programmed to how long to hang for and when to rest.


iOnRoad Augmented Driving :

Using smartphones sensors, this useful app lets you improve your driving in real life by enhancing safety. It uses your phone’s camera, and sensors to assist your driving experience. It can alert you by providing audio and video warnings pop ups. This app will be recording your drive to collect data and geotagging snapshots. One of the best options that can afford is tracking close cars that are in front of you in addition to measuring your speed.



A smart magazine ? That is what you need. A magazine that understands you. Pick your topics, science, health, photography, etc. and it will brings you the latest stories and event that influence your life. It will let you up to date by providing a list of suggestions that you may want to read about from your favorite list. Available on IOS, Android, and Windows store.



Yahoo aviate launcher, a smart tool that will bring life to your home screen. It will make your screen easy to navigate by organizing your useful apps. Therefore, it is easier to look for what you want, when you want. You can also check the weather every morning, also quickly seeing traffic to your next destination when you are on the move. You can do pretty much things with this intelligent app. Available just on Android.


Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition:

Unlike its predecessors, enthusiasts will take the flight like a pro. Easy to control by your smartphone or tablet without too much danger. The proliferation of drones is prominent; companies are now competing by extending battery life and improving camera quality. A Genius gadget that will let you take pictures and videos as a professional.


SmartIR Remote – Anymote:

If your phone does feature IR blaster, you will be amazed with what this app brings. Control your household like a boss. It gives you the ability to command a full control of any infrared controllable appliance, such as, TVs, Blu-ray players, amplifiers, air conditioners, and even IR power plugs. If your smartphone does not have an IR blaster, you can purchase Anymote home. The gadget that will give you the same features as stated above over Bluetooth.


Microsoft Band 2 – Medium:

The latest Microsoft smartwatch. It can bring you notifications, check the weather, and accomplish some mandatory tasks. As any other band in the market, it is engineered to fit your wrist beautifully. Furthermore, as a fitness tracker, it will indulge your needs all day living. It tracks heart rate by its powerful updated sensor, sleep and stair climbing, measure your calorie burn, and some cool privileges if you own a windows phone.

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