The Best Books for Children

The Best Books for Children

Giving books for kids to read will help them improve their imagination and develope books addiction which is the finest amongst all addictions, the more books you buy the wealthier you become, the more you read the imaginative you get, here we are talking about children picture books it may not make you wealthier but it will definitely make your kids imaginative. These books can be bought as gifts for your loved ones too. We offer a collection of the best 10 picture books we have picked up to fill the purpose, and without further ado, here are the books.


Over the Under, and around the Square by Craig Kunce


If you aim to help your kid develop love for poetry, this is the book you are looking for. Over the Under, and around the Square is a poem about a bird and a snake who became friends, their relationship had its ups and downs, but the message that the author tries to deliver is that the best friends will always be there to pick you up when fall down, this may be written for children but we bet that every adult can concur with the message this book highlights. The illustration by Craig Kunce himself are vivid, colorful and depicts what the author is talking about, it makes you feel that intimidatingly peculiar feelings you get when you are in trouble with your best friend, or watched your parents get into a quarrel. The role of the adult, to get the best lesson for this book, is to sit and talk with their kids about it, tell them that no matter what happens you should be there for each others as a family.


Grandpa Talks Funny: Keys to Speaking Grandpa-eese By Anne Merle


An easy book that features only two sentences in every page, the story of a frand father who still uses phrases and idioms while talking, the kids will learn the meanings of these idioms such as “rise and shine”, “let’s get the ball rolling”, “bright as a penny” and so on. The grandson picks up the meaning and go to explain to his sister what each one means through verses that should be read in rhyming theme that adds the humor aspect to the story. the illustrations by Adina-Larisa Sufana are very simple, bright and colorful, you will see that your kids will enjoy theme more than enjoys the story, don’t be worried thought, at some point he will be able to focus on the meaning of the story which is learning idioms


The Best Books for Children


The King’s Dream: A Fairy Tale By Harris Tobias


Fairy tales shape our childhood, you as an adult should be able to remember the fairy tale that marked your life. The King’s Dream: A Fairy Tale by Harris Tobias will make you relive all that passion and happiness as you read this one with your child, it is a classic story of a king who is to greedy to be satisfied by what he has, wealth and possession are never enough for him, so in order to get everything he wants he decided to dream, because dreams are one the things that can’t be bought. Your kid will learn the importance of dreams, after all, that is what the author Tobias intended by writing this book. The illustration by Cathy Renee are breathtaking, they are visually amusing and brightly colored.


They Told Us Something Wonderful Was Coming By Bev Stone


This is the types of books that always surprise you with twisted events, whilst reading, you will have the sense that you know where the story is going, pages later, you will be surprised. This book will teach you how to celebrate as you sing, Flowers waving, Bees Dancing, the sweet sound of baking…. It will also teaches you the importance of,people in this world starting from you, Bev will convince you that you are not as insignificant as you look, but quite the opposite. They Told Us Something Wonderful Was Coming by Bev Stone will help your kids seek being great in society by hard work and achievements. The illustrations by the author herself gives a better look to the book, they are colorful and bright. This book is for all ages.


The Night Before My Birthday Book By Joni Rubinstein.


Children’s birthdays must be a big dose of joy and happiness, they also must contain too many gifts. Joni Rubinstein take you to the night before the birthday to live the excitement kids live that day. They dream about gifts and parties, with friends and family, they think about what will the gifts be and the surprises they will be faced with, but all these things are not compared to the feeling that you have with you family and loved ones as you enjoy the party. The text is beautiful and well thought, the books contains blank space you can fill with your kid’s name and age. This book is supposed to be kept as a souvenir to remind you of that particular day, get one every year and scribble the age and names down in it and hide until your kids becomes adults. The illustrations by Martinez-Neal are special and made for birthday parties themes.


Jane Bakes a Pumpkin Pie By Betty Palatin


It won’t hurt learning some cooking wouldn’t it ? Jane Bakes a Pumpkin Pie is the perfect introduction to baking the pumpkin pie, the text is a set of ingredients that are supposed to be told in rhymes. Jane’s friends join her in the baking a cat, a bear and the little sister, they sing as they mix things up and cook, this is a perfect book for people who like helping in the kitchen. The illustrations by Palatin depicts the little girl baking the pie alongside with her friends, they are colorful as always and very interesting look at, and at the end of this book there is the list of ingredients for adults to help make the pie.


The Best Books for Children


GG and Mamela by Belinda Brock


Parting way with the loved one is very hard especially for little girls and boy who got attached to them very quickly. GG and Mamela tells the story of a little girl and her grandmother who lives the last days of her life who get along very well, little did the little girl know that what is going to happen will significantly impact her life. Losing loved ones can be very hard to handle for adults as much as kids, Belinda Brock perfectly brings this situation to acceptance through a beautiful story, a story that can fix things up from the emotional side and make them easier to accept. Read this book to your child before anythings happens to make him aware of how the cycle of life and death works, you can of course read this with your kids in difficult situation after you, god forbids, lose someone. The lessons delivered by this book makes is easier to accept as we have said before, make sure you apply them in your family’s life. Avi Katz’s illustration are cartoonish, warm, and beautiful, they perfectly depict a love story between Lily, the little girl and GG the grandmother.


The Wanting Monster By Mariana Llanos


The story of a brother who smartly deals with the greed his brother shows in the christmas holiday. Tito and Andy are two brothers who happen to share the gifts like every other siblings, but Andy is pretty greedy, he turns into a needy monster and resolves to keep all the gifts for himself, toys, cars, stuffed puppies and everything. Tito is afraid of the his brother because this time he went too far, he thought about staying up all night to talk to Santa Claus about it and from there events evolves to reveal how the story is going to end. Without any spoilers, The Wanting Monster by Mariana Llanos is pretty amusing book that contains an intense story. The illustrations by Julian Galvan are cartoonish and really descriptive.


Thumbpire By Stephen White and Sarah G. White


The story behind this book is pretty funny, that’s how i find it, it is about a baby vampire that wants to grow fangs but at the same time he can’t do that until he stops sucking his thumbs, and in order to do that, his friends and family join in and try to help him, funny isn’t it ? The Authors have probably suffered this problem with their baby, Stephen and Sarah G. White have written this story in rhyming verses that focuses on laughs rather than teaching anything expect the importance of family and how to solve problems. The illustrations by Tony Neal are bright and various, he depicts the baby and all the characters that tries to help him grow fangs and become a big vampire, read this book with your kids to know how the baby vampire will be able to accomplish this goal.


Meet Bacteria! By Rebecca Bielawski


If you think it is time for your kid to be introduced to science then Meet Bacteria! by Rebecca Bielawski is the perfect guide. The author gets the kids close to the topic, she makes science fun and enjoyable instead of boring and complicated. It is the first book in the Mummy Nature trilogy, the other books are called Bees Like Flowers and Travelling Seeds. It is an educative book that will make you and your kids feel smarter in a sense since it will teach you at least one or two things. After reading this books there is a slight chance that you kid will be intrigued about science which will lead him to learn more about it, and who does not want his kid to be smart.


The Best Books for Children


This has been a collection of children’s books that were listed in the Giddle List of 2016, this award is being given on annual basis to the best best books in that particular year. As we have mentioned earlier these books can serve as the best gifts for the ones you love, even if they are not your own kids, your friend’s children or your students will really appreciate them.

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