The Painter’s Guide To Get The Best Brushes

If you are a painting fan, there is no doubt you have a list of items you want to buy so you can excel in your painting. Brushes are the key to put good details on your painting canvas, the low quality of a brush can give you more troubles that you can imagine. It is of high importance to keep your brushes new, up to the expectation and also adjustable to every type of painting. So get your booknote ready and scribble down as we provide you with the best brushes available on the market.


Orange Ice Collection


Let’s start with Acrylic paint. Orange ice collection is designed specifically for this type of paint their ability to hold a lot of paint helps significantly to paint big areas. The hair is made of chemical substances of course, but soft nevertheless. Regardless of the notable amount of paint these brushes carry, they still provide points sharp as needles. This collection should be your top priority when you plan to buy new brushes.


The Perfect Fan Brush


So many people agree that when it comes to Fan brushes, you should be good at putting intricate details on like clouds. Fan brushes are good for fluffing paint on your canvas. Black Gold Fan brush is one of the best brushes there is on the market so far,

its ability to adapt is worth of mentioning, this brush is available in different sizes and shapes, so it is up to you to choose what you want. This Fan Brush works smoothly on canvas, its natural whiskers allows you to paint soft and intricately detailed shapes. You can get The Black Gold Fan Brush in both short and long handles, flat, bright or round shaped handles. Many artists prefer to use this brush on many others.


Urban FX Collection


The newest invention in the brushes family is the Urban FX collection. These brushes are for the artists who roam the streets and paint fabulous art for the eyes of the pedestrians. The whiskers in these brushes are produced from chemical substances and also natural, so you can have the choice to get whichever you want without being judged by people who are overprotective of animals. The most important thing however, is that both these hair types can deliver the same quality of painting, you can use all types of painting, be it enamel, oil or acrylic paint. You can paint on Metal, tile and also dry walls with these brushes.


Faux Squirrel Collection

This collection is favorable amongst its similar collections mainly because of how soft and satisfying it is when it comes to watercolor. The brushes in this collection may feel like natural squirrel hair, but it is completely chemical. This collection contains: Angular, Dagger, Fan, Flat, Flat Wash, Oval Wash, Rigger and Round. These brushes have an endurance of high quality and can carry a big amount of paint regardless on the fact that they are made by chemical synthesis. There are numerous reasons why this collection is the favourite for most painters, one of these reasons is the resilience of the brush as it continues to keep its shape and does not highlight the disappearance of paint as you paint along.

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