The ultimate TV Stand Buying Guide

Almost every house has a tv, some even have several. A tv stand will make your tv look complete. No matter how large or thin your tv is, you can find the right tv stand for it. Even if you like to hang your tv on the wall, a tv stand will still be beneficial for you to hold you DVD player, cables or other media sets. Following this buying guide you will know how to choose the one tv stand for you.


  • Size:

The first thing you should consider is size. You need to know the exact measurement of your TV and also your room. If you have a traditional CRT TV, then you need to make sure that your TV stand is big enough to support its shape. If your TV leans to the front or the back of your TV stand, then you may have a problem that will cost your TV for good. But if your TV is a flat-screen, then you don’t need to worry about it, normally TV stands are big enough to fit it. Also you may want to get a little bit large Tv stand just in case you want to place some family pictures or just a vase.


  • Height:

Besides the size, the height of your TV stand is also important. You do not want to get a TV stand that is too tall or too short. So the trick here is to know where is the lower half of your screen and place it in parallel position with your TV- viewing sightline. So if your chairs are long, then get a tall TV stand if you have short chairs or a low sofa, then a short TV stand will be just great.


  • Mobility:

TV stands with swivels or wheels will make it possible for you to turn and move your TV as you please. Having these types of TV stands, will help you place your TV from one room to another with no trouble at all.


  • Shelves:

If you have lots of media storage or some other components that you like to keep next to your TV, then you should consider getting a TV stand with multiple shelves. Usually most of TV stands have one to two shelves, but you can always find some TV stands that have more, depending on your needs.


Now that you know the most important features in TV stands, we are going to show you the types of TV stands. There are 4 types of TV stands: TV Hutches, Platform TV Stands, Corner TV Stands and TV Consoles and Credenzas.


1) TV Hutches:

A TV hutch is normally a TV stand that has doors or drawers, which can be perfect if you want to hide all the other components, such as DVD player, CDs or just cables. This type of TV stands are enclosed, so you might even hide your whole TV if you want to.


2) Platform TV Stands:

Platform TV Stands have a modern look, especially with the new different designs ad styles. They don’t usually have a lot of shelves or drawers, but you can find some that have at least one or two. You can find platform TV stands in metal and glass or even wood.


3) Corner TV Stands:

If you have a small living room or a tiny bedroom, then you may want to get a corner TV stand. They designed in a special shape (right triangles) to fit both your walls in the corner. Depending on which style you want, you can find some corner TV stands designed as console TV stand or a platform TV stand.


4) TV Consoles and Credenzas:

If you like your TV stand to be huge enough to handle different stuff, then your best choice is a TV Console and Credenza. They are big enough to fit your TV, your media storage and also some other stuff, such as a blanket or throw pillows.


The last thing you need to know about TV stands, is the material. There are two basic materials: Glass and metal, and wood.


1) Metal and Glass TV Stands: With stainless steel you will not have to worry about rust. A metal TV stand is strong and will give you the durability you deserve. You can find different styles to match your overall decor. Metal TV stands usually have some glass. You can find glass doors or glass shelves. To make sure your TV stand glass won’t break easily, get the tempered glass, it is way much stronger than normal glass.


2) Wood TV Stands: You can find a variety of wood such as teak, cherry, maple, oak, mahogany, and ebony. All of these may add an antique look to your living room. With a wood TV stand, you will be sure that your TV is secure due to the strength wood has. You can also find solid wood which is more expensive than others but durable, premium woods, wood veneer and engineered woods.

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