Top 10 Gadgets For Your Ride

There are many high tech accessories designed for cars that can either facilitate the conditions of your driving or make you more comfortable. Here is a top 10 of gadgets you can install in your ride that are most useful.


1/ Phone Suction Mount


Smartphones have an integrated GPS guidance system. So instead of investing in a costly integrated car GPS system, having a phone suction mount to display your modern phone as a proxy sat-nav system will make for a much more economical choice with just as much efficiency. It will securely mount your phone on the windshield, a safe place that will avoid you diverting completely your eyes from the road. It will also allow your phone to stay put when the car abruptly accelerates/decelerates.


2/ Portable Vacuum Cleaner


For optimal comfort, it is paramount to regularly clean out dirt and dust from the car. For that, using a standard vacuum cleaner can prove to be quite troublesome. Instead, a portable vacuum cleaner will without a doubt make the cleaning much more easier. Lighter and cheaper, you can plug it into the car’s 12V cigarette lighter.


3/ Dash Cam


The Dash Cam can provide video footage evidence whenever you are victim of a car accident. You will not regret owning one if ever you are exposed to an unfortunate car crash and the opposite party is denying responsibility. Available in various sizes and shapes and simple to fit, the dash cam is one of those gadgets you wish you never use but have to keep active at all times. You never know.


4/ Self-Dimming Mirror


A self-dimming mirror provides an elegant alternative to mirrors with a night option. At nighttime it will prevent you from getting blinded by too strong headlights in the rear view and make you thus safer, especially if you own a low stanced car. In fact, the self-dimming mirror has integrated light-sensitive detectors that makes the mirror dim whenever exposed to disproportionate light intensity.


5/ Portable Defroster


It is a real and dangerous nuisance when the inside windshield of your car is misted up, or worse even yet, frozen. While modern cars have an efficient system to defrost windshields within a few minutes, older cars’ system take much more time and are significantly less efficient. The portable defroster can thus come in handy. Plugged to the car’s cigarette lighter, it works as a hair dryer and wipes out quickly mist and frost. You can also use it to heat up your car before the car’s engine sufficiently warms up.


6/ In-Car Trash Can


Kids or friends, there are always passengers who insist on eating inside the car. With an in-car trash can, you won’t have to curse and clean up after their mess. It can easily get attached to a headrest and will not make much of an intrusive eyesore.


7/ Cup Holder DC Splitter


This solid cup holder DC splitter will allow to keep your beverages safe without worrying about spilling them over when taking a quick turn; while in the same time it will also provide additional USB ports to charge your cell phones or similar tech gadgets. To work, you plug the cup holder to the cigarette lighter.


8/ Radar Detector


A radar detector will certainly help you if you get speeding tickets way too often. The gadget will make you save all that heavy fine money, maybe even your license by alerting you miles ahead of any radar out there.


9/ Bluetooth OBD II Diagnostic Scanner


The OBD II scanner connects to your smartphone through bluetooth and transmit real-time practical data such as air temperature, fuel consumption level, oil pressure and similar information. It can also analyze the effectiveness of your check engine light codes. A cheap choice compared to a needless visit to the garage.


10/ GoPro Headrest Mount Camera


This GoPro camera is mounted on the headrest and will record from the driver’s point of view. Obviously this makes of a much more cooler video than from the windshield or someplace else, as it will also include a view on the inside of the car (your steering and gear change manipulation as well as the speed screen will all be recorded)



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