Top 12 Gifts For A Teenage Girl

Teenage is the period of life when children grow and attempt to define and assert their own personality. In doing so, they develop their own taste and the objects they own fit to what they aspire. If you’re thinking to buy a gift for a teenage girl and you’re wondering what kind of present you could get her, check out the Top 12 gifts for a teenage girl. Whether it is clothes, music hardware, tech devices/accessories, or jewelry, you’ll surely find in this list something that will strike her fancy.


1- Brandy Melville Clothes


The Brandy Melville clothes brand is pretty popular among teenage girl, making it a safe choice as a present. From cute knitted sweaters to stylish shirts, there’s a wide range of clothes available that teenage girls just love to wear!


2- Alex & Ani Bracelets


Bracelets are obviously a nice gift. The Alex & Ani brand is a fetish among teen girls. You can actually personalize  the gold charm bracelet with the initials of the person, pretty neat, considering young girl nowadays love filling their wrists with all sorts of bracelets.


3- Phone Case


You have probably noticed that teens today are always handling their smartphones, anywhere, anytime. A good gift idea would thus be a stylish phone case such as the Kate Spade brand for example. If you decide on such a present, be sure to know the girl’s phone model beforehand.



4- iPod/iPhone Dock


Teenagers are generally addict to the kind of music they like. If the girl happens to own an iPod or an iPhone, a docking station to listen to her favorite music out loud would constitute surely a welcomed gift. Special mention to the Skullcandy brand that makes great docking stations.


5- Headphones


If you’d rather manage the parents and avoid loud music to their ears (why, you might even be a parent reading this article looking for a fitting present for your daughter!), an alternative to the docking station are some trendy headphones. Surely a winner too!


6- Stacking Rings/ Necklace


Affordable and cute, stackable rings or discreet necklaces would be an instant hit for a teenage girl. It’ll have the benefit of being a simple, no nonsense gift, that is actually classy and the girl would consider thoughtful. Sterling Silver Stacking Knuckle Rings actually propose a nice range of products, check them out. Or if you prefer, a Tiny Circle Necklace will do just as well!


7- Trench Coat/ Faux Fur Vest


Trench coats have made a dashing comeback lately. Something like an army green trench coat would look nice on a teenage girl in the winter season; or there’s an even more stylish alternative if you prefer, faux fur jackets!


8- Temporary Tattoos


Teenage girls usually harass their parents for a tattoo, but they’re simply too young for it. But a temporary tattoo that looks just like a real one? Yeah, why not… Lulu DK Temporary Tattoos and other similar companies propose a wide array of choices that can be easily be removed.


9- Makeup Brush Set


Every teenage girl who usually wears make-up would loooove a makeup brush set as a gift. It opens up to her whole new exciting experimentations and in the end, find just the one combination she’ll just enjoy keeping!


10- Backpack


Between handbags or backpacks, teenage girls typically like to have some sort of diversity in the bags she brings everyday to school. Among many lovely backpacks, the North Face in particular seems to be real popular.


11- Clothing Accessories


Some teen girls love to stand out by wearing sometimes flashy clothing accessories. Lululemon is a clothing company that manufactures just that kind of accessories, such as sassy reversible headband or cute scarves…


12- Sunglasses


Aside from jewelry and clothing accessories, sunglasses would be the way to go. There are many styles, colors and brands to choose from, but from my experience, Ray Ban for the most part never disappoints.

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