Top 6 Wearable Girly Tech Gifts

Top 6 Wearable Girly Tech Gifts

Wearable technology is the new trend, and it seems like it’s here to stay. In fact, more and more people nowadays choose to invest on a watch, ring, or bracelet that also offer some kind of technological feature, aimed at communication purposes or to boost efficiency. Now the industry is trying to turn over combining the tech with fashionable designs, making it perfect for casual wear. Some products are designed with that intent in mind for women. If you’re considering what could be a nice gift for a girl, or if you want such wearable tech for yourself, check out this Top 6 of wearable girly tech gifts.


1- Everpurse

The main problem all people have in common today is the smartphone’s battery. For girls, there is now a crafty solution to that as well as a nice fashionable item, the Everpurse. It’s a purse with a built-in charging dock that can charge your phone three times before charging the purse itself at home. The pocket fit is initially designed for iPhones but you can easily replace with another one compatible with another smartphone. The Everpurse is available in different colors as well as in both leather and cloth material.


2- Pebble Watch Skins

If you’re looking for a smartwatch, check out the Pebble. Granted, the Lego-like look is not that fashionable but the watch offers a wide range of customization that’ll surely satisfy its wearer. There are in fact a whole variety of covers, a.k.a skins with different styles, from flashy to more discreet ones, not to mention there are different colors proposed too.


3- Netatmo June Bracelet

The June Bracelet comes with all the perks of any regular fitness bracelet, but what makes it stand out from the rest of the competition is an alert system preventing sunburns as well as being elegant to the point you can wear it in formal events such as dinner parties or even weddings. It has a diamond-shaped jewel, it’s thanks to it the bracelet can measure exposition to the sun. It doesn’t just stop there though, the bracelet can also tell you when you should apply sunscreen, wear sunglasses, or even go cover yourself in a shaded area. Netatmo proposes the bracelet in 3 colors and 2 different wrap bands. The only downside is that the bracelet isn’t waterproof, but hopefully this particular flaw will be addressed in upcoming newer versions.


4- Slip and Cover For Nike’s FitBit Flex: Tory Burch Chic Edition

If you didn’t know, the Fitbit Flex is an activity tracker that can measure your exercise, diet and sleep. From the numerous slips and covers for Nike’s activity tracker,  this particular edition from Tory Burch transforms this much useful gadget into a pretty trendy device. You’ll find in it the famed Burch’s designs, prints, and signature colors.


5- FitBit Zip

The FitBit Zip gives you all the benefits of the FitBit without it needing to be visible. It is equipped with a clip that you can attach to a pocket, bra, or belt. The Zip is also resistant to all weather conditions and sweat.


6- Slip and Cover For The Jawbone Up: Olympic Design.UX Covers

Another top of the line activity tracker is the Jawbone Up. Its metal band and plastic coating isn’t a very attractive design though, and that’s where the Olympic take up the torch. It is proposed in a line of stretchy fabric covers that’ll make the Jawbone more comfortable and definitely fancier.

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