Your Guide to Get Your Children Interested in Reading

Reading is a skill that children develop at an early age. And it’s a very vital skill, for it helps the children discover and learn and socialize. However, just being able to read isn’t enough. We should teach our children that reading is important to expand both their knowledge and imagination. In order to make our children fond of books, we should take with them baby steps, starting by reading bedtime stories to them when they still can’t read, and by reading with them on daily basis when they learn how to read, ending up by watching them read when they are head over heels into books, and of course purchasing the books they like for them for further encouragement. The following is some simple steps that will help you raise a book lover.

How to get Your Kids to Read:


Read to your baby:

Start reading for your child since his early age. Every night, right before bedtime, sit besides your child’s bed and read to him/her out loud from a colorful book with simple storylines. Try and pick a book that is nice to touch and encourage your baby to recall the characters names and point at them as you mention them during your reading.

Engage your toddler child in reading:

While reading to your children, you must encourage them to get used to learning to read on their own. As a first step, let them turn the pages as you read for them aloud. Let your child see how you enjoy reading, and how it isn’t a duty, but a luxury to be able to read and swim in a pool of imagination. Organize some family reading nights sometimes, turn off all the electronic devices and prepare a nice meal to set a good mood, and sit all together to read and enjoy your favorite books. That’s ought to make your child grow fond of books.


Schedule daily reading sessions with your children:

Try and make these sessions more about having fun with your children by reading something they would enjoy and encouraging them to take turns in reading as well. Your children will grow used to reading and will get excited about the next session every time.

Consider taking your children to activities in your local library, like puppet shows, movie showings or story time classes. Children learn more quickly and easily when the learning process is associated with having fun and enjoyment.


Take your child to concerts, zoo trips and museums:

Taking your child to such events will wake in him a curiosity to learn more about music, animals and whatever things are exposed in museums that capture his interest. Make sure to feed your child’s curiosity with children books about the topics he craves to discover.

Keep track of what your child is reading:

During weekends, try and discuss with your child what he has been reading and get him to start imagining sequels for the stories he liked the most. That will help him expand his imagination and use his reading to improve his creative writing. It will also make him thirsty for more reading.

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