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FAQ - Searchub

tips for new users

add a personal touch to your online shopping sign-in to searchub with your facebook account. instantly, your search results will be tuned based on your facebook likes. take advantage of in-app coupons we bring coupon codes directly into the app for you. after you have clicked on an item, if a coupon is available, get organized and keep track of everything your buy online lists enable you to organize all of your online purchases in one place, no matter where you shop.

general information

what is searchub?

searchub. for each and every search, searchub shows the top products from the most popular stores right on the first page of results, and delivers a visually compelling and efficient online shopping experience from your browser, or your mobile device or tablet.

how does searchub work?

our crawler navigates the web on a mission to find and index all products from all online stores and boutiques. from this comprehensive set of items, our machine learning algorithm matches each search to corresponding products and ranks results based on the most popular stores carrying those products while also looking for the cheapest price for that product.

do you sell products?

we do not sell any products directly. searchub is a shopping platform that connects shoppers with the products and the brands they like. our search quickly finds the top products from the most popular stores. you simply click on any product to go directly to the store that sells it.

what products do you display on your site/app?

we specifically want you to find products that you can purchase online or in a local store. we do our best when crawling the web to identify merchants offering products in us dollars, shipment solutions to the us, and online payment processing. currently, affiliate sites, comparison buying sites, we also do our best to carefully remove products of an adult nature to preserve a family-friendly environment.

how to use searchub

why do i need to sign in?

to get the best experience, this way your search results will be highly customized to your own tastes and style. the more you shop, the more personal it becomes. it learns your taste and style from your searches, saves, likes and purchases, showing you more items from your favorite stores and brands. but your experience will not be personalized,

what is a price alert?

we keep track of that product price changes for you. if the price drops, we’ll send you an alert and let you know where you can purchase it for a lower price.

what if a product price shown on searchub is different from the merchant site?

as we crawl the web often, we regularly refresh the index of products to upgrade the merchant prices. however, in some cases a price difference may occur if a merchant changes product prices in between our updates. in instances where a merchant's price is different from the one demonstrated on or any of our apps, please note that the merchant's site is considered the correct retail price, and we apologize in advance for our incorrect demonstration. products to minimize the potential for such price inaccuracies.