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Henson is a surname, and may refer to: Ant Henson , British singer-songwriter Basil Henson , British actor Bill Henson , Australian photographer Brian Henson , puppeteer, director, and producer Deborah Henson-Conant, harpist Drew Henson, former Major League Baseball player and current American football quarterback Elden Henson, American actor Gavin Henson , Welsh Rugby Union player, son of Alan Henson Gladys Henson , British actress Herbert Hensley Henson, British bishop Jane Henson Jim Henson , puppeteer and creator of the Muppets, as well as the organizations below that bear his name John Henson, TV show host John Henson , son of Jim Henson Josiah Henson , famed fugitive American slave Keith Henson, science and science-fiction writer and activist against the Church of Scientology Leslie Henson , British actor Lisa Henson, television and movie producer Lou Henson, college basketball coach Martin Henson, British computer scientist Matthew Henson , an American explorer who may have been the first to reach the geographic North Pole with Robert Peary in 1909 Mishavonna Henson, American Idol contestant Nicky Henson, British actor, son of Leslie Henson Richard A. Henson , an American test pilot, flight school operator, and founder of the modern "commuter airline" concept. Taraji P. Henson, American actress and singer Tim Henson, Host of popular podcast Distorted View Daily William Henson , aviation pioneer

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