Cycling Shorts Buyers Guide

If you’re a biker, you need to make sure that you show appreciation to your legs, considering that these body parts actually do all the hard work  you need to make sure they’re well protected and comfortable. Finding the right pair of cycling shorts or cycling trousers can make a massive difference to your enjoyment on the saddle, considering how many brands are out there with so many types of cycling pair, you need to make sure that you find the right pair that suits you right. So, here’s guidance to buying the best cycling pair for you.

Cycling Shorts Types:

The first thing you need to do before purchasing a cycling short, you need to ask yourself this, ‘’ Do I need baggy or tight cycling shorts? ‘’, after that, you can decide which one of these you actually need:

Cycling Bib Shorts – With the shoulder straps, these shorts take away all the annoyance of your back exposing, or the digging in of the waistband, take away all that pressure so they can offer you more comfort.

Cycling Trousers – These trousers are the right material to keep you dry and clean on any weather, because they’re waterproof, and they’re good when it comes to stretching, which means no physical commute will affect your moving.

Cycling Tights – The tights are the right thing for the people who want to keep any cold breeze out, because they have almost all the leg covered, they provide extra coverage and warmth, and less exposure of the body, needless to say the ability of wearing them under baggy shorts.

Padded Cycling Shorts – The title is pretty self-explanatory, These are the most comforting pairs of all shorts, providing an extra padding in the needed places, they’re great when it comes to resisting air, just put these Cycling shorts on and say hello to comfort, warmth, and the unique look.

Mountain Bike Shorts – The mountain bike shorts are bound to give you the extra space to sit some under-clothing protections, if you’re biking over a bumpy rough road, you need to be wearing some extra protection, these shorts have extra room you need for that.

Shorts Material:

The fabric used in bicycle shorts usually consists of a blend of polyester, cotton, spandex, and nylon. Regardless of the materials used, they are usually spun and then combined into a single fabric. The Spandex is stretchy material that makes the short easy to pull on and don’t feel like you’re wearing a 19th century corset. On the other hand, the outer of a short should be a bit thick and strong, and a bit waterproof, while the inner side should have the ability to moist and wick sweat, and give more power to the muscles.


It’s best to try on shorts before buying them. Sizing varies among manufacturers.

You don’t want any uncomfortable restriction, but you do want the shorts to stay exactly in place. Remember that properly designed cycling shorts will look a bit baggy in the butt when you’re standing in front of the dressing room mirror. Then crouch forward into the riding position and watch them mold to your body.

Just make sure you’re looking for a comforting one, that hides your lower back, with the right leg size so legs won’t be squeezed, and the waistband that suits your waists, and make sure that shorts type you purchased is based on the biking journey you’re about to take.

And when it comes to the inseam, the length of your riding style and your legs determines the length of the short, because both spandex and baggy comes in a variety of lengths.

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