How to get the best fishing gear

Getting fishing gear may be really difficult due to all the different types there are in the market. There are hundreds of fishing poles, reels and accessories. This buying guide will help you get the best fishing gear online.


Fishing rods:

There will be no fishing without a fishing rod. You can find some simple bamboo rods with a piece of string tied to the end or, if you want some more advanced gear you can go with a high-tech fishing rods made from graphite, but don’t worry, both will give you satisfied results. You can find some cheap rod and reel combo if you want to go fishing just from time to time, but if you want to turn this to a regular hobby, then you may want to consider getting some advanced material to match the kind of fishing you want to do.


Fishing reels:

There are two types of reels you can get, a bait-fishing reel or a fly-fishing reel. For fly fishing a fly-fishing reel is the one, it can be freely reeled in or unspooled. On the other hand a bait-fishing reel can have a button or a catch that you pull back before you cast. Reels are as important as rods so take your time to choose the best one.


Fishing lures:

No matter how experienced you are when it comes to fishing, you still need some helpful tools to make your trip successful. For cast fishing you can go with hunks of gooey bait that you skewer with your hook or you can just go with some simple metal plates that you can dangle from a hook to reflect light under the water.

But if you plan to do some fly-fishing then you may want to take the right fly-fishing flies. The right fly-fishing fly will help you lure the fish you want, so you better know the area you are going to be fishing in, in order to know what type of fish are there and what kind of flies they eat.


Fishing vests and waders:

Having the complete gear is all you need for fishing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress as a pro fisherman, having the right vest or wader can make you feel really good about the whole experience. Fishing vest come with lots of pockets which can come handy to pack small things. Waders are great for cold weather and it would be perfect for mountain fishing.


Fishing gear:

There are some extra things you may want to pack before actually going to your fishing trip. The top of the list are rods and reels but don’t forget to get some fishing line, fishing hooks, bobbers, lead weights, knives and tools. All these items are essential for you to have a perfect fishing trip.


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