8 Ways To Lose Weight For Stay Home Parents

Staying at home all day is without doubt pretty exhausting. Stay at home mothers or fathers tend to have less time to do what they want considering all the things they have to do for they kids, cooking and cleaning is also a hard job, maybe the hardest job there is. But all this should not prevent you from taking care of yourself, as you are pretty aware of, staying at home will cause you to gain few pounds, but there are few ways as to how to prevent that, they are not necessarily heavy home workouts, there are procedures you can do without having to sweat. In this article we provide you with the easiest ways.




First, as to avoid confusion, you should make a list that contains all you daily activities, make sure you take under consideration the time you need for each task, when doing them for the first time after setting a schedule, pay attention to the clock. When you are done organizing all these tasks according to the time they need, you will be able to see some free minutes, those are exactly what you need, if you have only 25 minutes a day, do a series of home workouts that you are familiar with. If you kept on doing days everyday or at least once every two days, you will notice how you have changed significantly.




Another step to avoid confusing during that 25 minutes workout is knowing exactly what you should do, look for advice from your friends on the workouts they do, or you can use the most efficient way to find workouts, the internet, there are hundreds of series you can do at home provided by the internet, not only that, there are thousands of healthy food recipes that can help you have an organized nutrition system. With all this said, you should not ignore visiting a doctor, weekly visits will keep you diagnosed and healthy to some point, a doctor can also prescribe some pills that can help you lose weight, but we don’t fully advise that.


3-Already Done


To get some extra time, you should do stuff while the children are asleep, the best thing you can do is to prepare meals at home for later use. Make the best meals that you and your kids enjoy and save them for when they are hungry, this will help you keep clear of fast food and happy meals, which contributes in gaining weight at an extraordinary fast rate.




It would be for the best if you can avoid snacks. You should learn to eat in time and consume sufficient amount of food that will keep you going through the day, meals that are full of proteins will help you survive for longer. Always keep yourself busy, go have a walk with your kids, watch something, call someone.


5-Every Minute Counts


While doing the daily activities, it would not hurt if you exercise during waiting, for instance, while cooking do some push ups while waiting for what is on the stove to finish cooking, while brushing your teeth do some squats, while waiting for the ashing to finish do some forward lunges, by doing all this, you chores will become useful in both ways, for you and your household, the results can be surprising although you won’t notice that much, but your partner or family member that you seldom see will notice.




Maybe the healthiest activity you can do is walking. When you are taking your kids to a fun place like the park or toys shop don’t use vehicles, walking is the best thing you can do during that time. When you are at the park, join your kids in playing, chase them, follow the ball yourself, and if cycling make sure you do some challenges, safe ones of course. This way you will workout and makes your kids entertained.


7-Consume Water


As you well know, water is good for all creations, and your body is almost made of water, recent studies have shown that the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%. It is advised for males to drink up to 3 liters of water a day, whereas 2.2 liters is sufficient for women. Water provides every cell with nutritions that will make it survive longer, it transport nutritions that you get from food, and it burns a specific amount of fat. Keep yourself full of water, it is the healthiest thing you can consume.


8-Fun and Run


Don’t make you workout routine boring, it will make you lazy to practice more as time goes by. add fun to your exercise by inviting your friends to workout with you, include your kids, listen to music while jogging, make working out and weight loss practice a part of your life style, the result will be astonishing




If you keep on doing all these stuff, staying at home will never be boring and useless for you as an individual, it could, but you will always find other stuff to fight it, reading books is an exercise for the brain, if the brain is weak, you won’t need a strong body. If books turn out to be boring watch TV, but while doing that exercise, don’t sit in one position for too long. Mix working out with entertaining your kids, if they become annoying for you, make sure you give them something that will keep them silent for a while, something like drawing, or playing video games, although you should not allow them to do the latter for too long, if you do, make sure it is with your supervision.

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