New Or Old Computers ? What You Should Know Before Buying

Everyone these days needs a laptop, grandparents at home, father and mothers at the office, mothers at the kitchen, fathers at the study, children in their room. But if you happen to need one for every member, you will end up losing a fortune. Personal computers are a gadget set for personal use, even though now it became possible to create many accounts in only one computer, each individual will only have access to his account using a name and a password. Some people however prefer to keep their things for themselves, in this article we will discuss things you should know about Old and new laptops and the difference between them.


New or Used Laptops ?


When you buy a new laptop, it clearly understood that you will use it depends on your personal use. The equipments are new and ready for use, you will also have a warranty of 1 to 3 years. Unlike old or already used laptops, you will have difficulties adjusting yourself to it for quite sometime, moreover than that, you don’t know how many years the equipments in this laptop have been working, for instance, it is common knowledge that Hard drivers last for only 5 years. it is possible that you will buy a laptop that has been working for 4 years and when you get it home, it will only last for 6 months or a year and break down, and you will end up eventually spending money on fixing it, which will cause to lose more money that you saved when you decided to with a second hand laptop.


The reason why people buy second hand laptops is because they need an upgrade for the latest version, every year a new PC with better spec come to the market. It is difficult to decide what you should go for, the prices vary and the specs are plenty, laptops can be considered as an upgrade or a downgrade depends on what you currently own.


What You Should Know About Used Laptops


You will be able to find many used and new laptops on the internet, people sell them if they are not needed anymore or as we have mentioned earlier, in order to get an upgrade, it is the best thing to do instead of leaving it in a desk or a closet till it completely dies. Most used laptops however, are not what the company originally made, in other words, a used laptop can be customized by the user, for instance if a graphic card, hard drive or Ram have been damaged, a used can replace them with ones less power or more powerful. This thing should not be considered so much, the equipments should only be good in performance and in a good state. As you may find damaged and broken laptops you can find good second hand laptops you just have to search carefully.


Used laptops don’t have warranty, the moment you buy it, you are responsible on anything that could happen, even a scratch. The biggest problem with used laptops are motherboards, some motherboard still work as required but every here and there you will start seeing problems, for example USB ports can only be glued there, they don’t have any function except the look, make sure you test them as well when buying, take a USB drive. Make sure you also check the battery, this process will take times but it is highly recommended and essential, test the battery life, it should last for at least 5 hours and if it surpassed 7 hours it is really in a good shape.


In Searchub we offer a variety of laptops that can suit your requirements and what your are looking for make sure your visit our Electronic section, we recommend that your buy new laptops , but the old ones aren’t that bad either. Happy shopping and good luck.

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