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Men’s Best Watches Guide

As you may already be aware of, watches became more than mere gadgets that tells time. With the advancements technology is achieving, it became harder for the watches to find their place in the market. Nowadays, phones and computers contain options that tell the time alongside with other things one may find interesting whether he or she is working or doing day-to-day tasks. This fact did not persuade people to give up using and buying watches, on the contrary, the watch making market has made it to the top list of industries that make huge sums of money on early basis, not because of the quantity of products they sell but with the quality. Good watches cost thousands of dollars, there are also various watches that can only cost dozens or hundreds but the quality is very low, these types of watches however is not our subject, we are interested in high quality watches and the higher the quality the higher the price is.


This article will focus on mechanical time watches and not the regular and most common quartz and replicas. To get the most knowledge from this article you should do your research as you read along. In the market, there are a lot of fake watches that trick the customer into buying something of low quality with a very high price, we are hoping that by the end of this article you will be able to distinguish between the two or at least have a notion about what to buy. But the most important thing to know is that you should not buy a watch labeled “watch” or “quartz”, good brands are what you are looking for, and that is exactly your aim.


Mechanical time watches are unique and intricately made, this why you should be aware of various stuff such as the price of each one, what brand produce the best watches, which style should i go with, which one is better; automatic or manual and so on. It is really a personal thing when it comes to choosing a watch with one of these features, tastes differs from an individual to another, but the advice remains is that your should deliberately think about what will suit you best.


Men's Watches Buying Guide


The first thing your should consider is the style. By determining your style, your will be able to know exactly what your are looking for and eventually avoid being confused and distracted by other watches. Figure out if you are buying this watch for work and business or for going out to fancy places or just for weekend and sportif purposes, once you do this it will become easier for you to know. As a small introduction to style, we would like to inform you with this: on one hand sport watches are significantly larger, they are usually made of straps such as rubber and sometimes leather. On the other hand classic watches have a fit look into them, they look more slim and they are smaller in comparison with sports watches. There are also watches that can be worn whilst doing hard tasks such as hunting and woodcutting,  they can be considered as sports watches but they are more resistant and stronger than the others, they are also bigger. Categorizing watches is a personal thing what i might find classy your may find sportif, keep in mind this fact as your go along picking watches


Automatic V. Manual

Automatic and manual movements of the watch are two different things, it is all about the winding the watch. Automatic movements watches wind themselves once worn, they do that just by wearing them whereas manual watches require that your do the winding yourself. You ought to do a research in order to know exactly which one is better, as for us we recommend that your buy an automatic watch that has  a watch winder, this way you can combine between these two options.


The Prices and Budget

As for the price, it depends on how thick your bank account is, or how educated you are about the market, there are plenty of good watches for a very reasonable price. Collections of male and female watches are usually cheaper if you buy them together than buy them separately. The best and most realistic thing to do when you want to set your budget is doubling it, this way it won’t be a shocking matter for you when you eventually end up losing more money than your have thought of. No matter how expensive a good watch maybe, remember that it can last up to hundreds of years, your can pass it to your children or grand children, that is of course if you took care of it, and who would not take care of a 3000 or 4000 dollars watch. This life-time investment decisions should be bold, just go for it, your might regret something, but the only thing you will regret is not buying the most expensive one and the one with highest quality.


Budget of expesive watches

Best Watches

The best brands to buy from are Rolex, Tudor, Omega, Hamilton and so much more, in this part we will talk about the best watches from these brands, each watch has a reasonable price for the level of its quality.


  • Longines Legend Diver

The first thing we will go with is the Longines Legend Diver. This is a classic watch that last for a long period of time, it is a mechanical timepiece, it can be worn with classic and regular type of clothing. The look of the dial and hour markers is very simple, black and white. This one of the watches that looks good with everything, it is versatile and the bracelets are made of stainless steel, there are also ones that have leather straps. It is best for the drivers. The price is ranged between 3000$ and up.

  • Hamilton Khaki King Pilot

Still speaking of classic watches, the Hamilton Khaki King Pilot is also one of the simplest looking yet most practical and beautiful watches in the market. When worn, it makes the wrist look full manly thanks to its shape as you can see in the picture below. The movement is automatic and it tells the time and date, it is also available in sizes, and both leather and steel straps. We recommend that you buy a 46mm case Hamilton Khaki King Pilot. This watch can be bought for 1000$, it’s beautiful and long lasting.


Hamilton Khaki King Pilot



  • Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days

This may sound as an unusual name, but it is really one of the best underrated watches in the market. Panerai produces very expensive watches and this one is no exception, you might want to skip this one if your budget is too tight. This watch can be worn with anything, classic and sport as an example. There are two types of this timepiece, a classy one that has a black dial and golden hour marks, it tell no time and no date, the other however, looks stylish, time reading can be complicated but it will become easier as you get used to it. Its available only in leather straps. the price is ranged from 6000$ and up.

  • Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Rolex’s little invention also produce good watches, the quality is a very similar to that of Rolex itself. Tudor offer good quality watches for half the price of Rolex. This watch was designed to meet the requirements of people who like change, you can wear it with stainless steel straps, leather straps, Nato and cloth straps as well. If you have a budget that is ranged between 3000$ and 4000$ this watch is a good choice, but if your happen to have more than 7000$ why not go for a higher quality and original Rolex, but when it comes to time movement and versatility, both of these companies invent the best watches.

  • Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

Sometimes you just want to be James Bond, don’t you ?, maybe I’m the only one. The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra was featured in James Bond’s movie Specter. Omega is very known of its good quality watches, it is one of the leaders in the market. it is designed with stainless steel straps, the price is ranged between 3000 and 4000 dollars.

  • Rolex Datejust II

Suit up and wear one of the beautifully looking watches from Rolex, this is a good choice for people who prefer to wear suits, in business this is one of the most chosen and most common choices. If you’re a fan of suits then this is the best choice to go with. It can also be worn with jeans and weekend types of clothes. if you have a budget of 9000$ then you will be able to afford this one, and it’s totally worth it. It is available in stainless steel straps.

  • TAG Heuer CAR2C11

Finally we have the CAR2C11. Remember when we mentioned watches that are good for heavy works such as hunting and wood cutting? this is one of the best if not the best watch to buy under those circumstances, it does not only fit with clothes of that type, it can also worn with jeans and sportswear. It is designed with both rubber and titanium stripes, and it is up to you to choose which ones to go with, as for us we recommend both straps so you can change from time to time. The price is ranged between 7000$ and 8000$


TAG Heuer CAR2C11 men's watches buying guide


We hope to have fulfilled our purpose and gave you various advice and information on the subject. Even with all you have read here, you must do your own research, after all it, is a big chunk of money you are going to spend.

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