What You Should Know About 4K HD Before Buying A TV

TVs has made a huge leap in the past few year, technology has gone too far to make the watching TV experience unique and never have been seen before. The market however is full of tricky products, one must be aware of the latest releases and what technology is featured. These features are plentiful, but today we will only focus on the best one which is 4K. In this article we will try to elaborate on some of these features and we will also try to get the reader close to what of type of Televisions to go with and what to avoid. A full explanation will follow of the 4K resolution which is the most recent technology in this field.


Introduction to the 4K HD TV


We start by defining Ultra High Definition of what is called 4K, the normal HD resolution starts from a resolution of 1920x1080p, but with 4K it became higher, the resolution of the 4K quality starts from 1440p to 2160p, the most common resolution nowadays in the market is 3840×2160. As you can tell the difference is huge, a 1440p quality will offer low picture, colour and contrast images whereas the 2160p offer astonishing image quality. In other words, if you fail to understand the numbers, the 4K quality is several times better than normal HD TV. To understand things in a more clearer sense, we will try to explain further


Why 4K ?


The 4K Ultra HD quality enable the viewer to experience an intricate and more detailed images, unlike standard HD it only offers an overall image, the more you get close the more pixels will show. 4K is a resolution that brings images to life with more accuracy, for instance if you are setting in a far position from your TV, say, 10 feet, you will be able to see every single details, every single light and the colours will be more clear and more colourful. 4K will also make you aware of the details that should be seen but they are hard to see, moreover than that, you will be also able to differentiate between bright and dark sport thanks to the amazing ratio this quality has. When we say the image we don’t refer only to the page on the surface, we also mean all the other pictures that you see in the background, like street lights, clouds etc…


Screen Size and Features


Not all TVs are equipped with 4K resolution of course, even though the technology advances some brands still produce TV that does not support 4K, they focus on something else like 3D, LED or OLED and this does not necessarily mùean that TVs with these features can’t support 4K, all of them can, you just have to find a TV that has all or some of these features. 4k TVs usually are available from 42 inch screen size up to 80 inch. Getting a bigger screen does mean better quality, but it is all about the view range, if you have a 85 inch TV you should position in in a suitable place as to not make the vision blurry and pixels palpable. The price vary from a TV to the other, you may find a 42” TV that costs more than a 54”, but the former can contain features like smart TV, 3D, OLED quality and more whereas the latter can be designed with only 4K. Pay attention to what you are buying, the prices are very high for something with high quality.


Capacity and Storage


Nowadays, you can find TVs with hardware, up to 250GB and maybe even more, this is important because 4K files can be very big in size, let’s say for instance that you want to downlaod a 3 hours movie and copy it to your TV or USB device, this movie if in 4K quality it will be bigger than 40 GB, so if you imagine that you want to download and watch 5 or 10 movies, it is going  to take a lot of space. Take under consideration the storage capacity of your USB device and TV.


The Best Brand to Buy From


Choices like these are a personal thing, each individual have his own expectations, and these expectations can be fulfilled by one of these brands, let’s say that you want the best Smart TV feature, you will go buy a TV from LG but another individual doesn’t care about Smart TV he only wants a 4K HD TV. But we will recommend that you buy, as a first option, a TV from Samsung, Lg or sony, if you find that you can’t afford a TV from these brands, you can go with Panasonic, Mitashi or Lloyd.

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