The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Best Exclusive Features

The Apple Watch was a much anticipated high tech wonder. Its innumerable features and services provide advanced time-keeping, sensor-oriented properties, and inter-connectivity with the other Apple hardware made many think Apple was yet to launch another technology revolution. Besides the common email and text messages that other smart watches provide, the Apple watch has some special elements that makes the product stand out from the rest of the competition. Here are some of these soon to become indispensable features:

The Heart Rate Monitor:

Thanks to the Apple Watch’s activity sensors, you can actually measure your heartbeat. You can also share that information and send it to another wearer, say your significant other, with a personalized display made for that effect. Useless but awesome!

Monitoring messages without actually touching the watch:

This motion and proximity sensors really provide some exciting new features. For messages, you can get notifications by sound or just by pulse. The wearer can then display the message just by raising the arm wearing the watch; and lowering the arm dismisses the message from the screen, all this without needing to actually handle or touch anything. Pretty amazing no? For the students out there, don’t try to get clever and use the Apple Watch to cheat in the exams!

Anticipating Answers Algorithm:

The Apple Watch has a new text analysis algorithm that provides precise suggestions to reply to a given message by taking account of the linguistic context. For instance, if you receive a message, sent by a sibling let’s say, asking if you prefer to order sushi or Indian food take-out, the Apple Watch would put those two choices available for you to write without you needing to actually type or dictate the answer. A watch that saves time.

Apple Pay:

The Apple Pay functionality enables the wearer to pay for services or even goods directly from the Watch. In fact, by a simple tap you can purchase from all the Apple Pay-friendly apps and machines. For example buying a soda or a snack from a vending machine or buying bus tickets can be completed with Apple Pay. I, for one, who always snaps at machines for rejecting my change, welcome this new addition.

Explore the Solar System:

Customizable watch faces are proposed in the Apple Watch. One of them, Astronomy, tracks your location and puts a pin on the Earth to indicate it. You can also by a simple tap zoom out and display the whole Solar system with real-time positions of the planets or upcoming and past phases. Explore at your will.


Volunteers can register in medical research via the Apple Watch which gathers the biometric info and sends them to medical researchers. This can be a nice way to gather useful data and eventually help against diseases and cancers. Respecting a privacy policy, the volunteers can actually control the type and quantity of data they are willing to share.

Easy-to-swap straps:

There is a wide range of choice concerning the straps for the Apple Watch. With a simple mechanism of removal and replacement, the wearer can indeed constantly change the strap to match his/her clothes or the occasion. A whole bunch of colors, fluorescent straps, fitness straps, leather and even stainless steel  straps are available to choose from.

Highly scratch-resistant screen:

Made from sapphire, the Apple Watch’s is thus extremely resistant to scratches. The wearer needn’t worry then too much about safeguarding the precious item in all the activities one would fear scratching his/her watch, such as contact with metals (keys, pens, coins…) and sport activities like basketball.

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