Yahoo is moving to get rid of Facebook and Google logins

It seems that Yahoo wants to get back a foot on the internet territory it has lost for giants Google and Facebook. Yahoo has initiated a change in its services, and directing to require logging into its services using its accounts instead of Google and Facebook’s.

At a certain time, Yahoo made the decision to let users connect with other accounts without necessarily having to sign up for a Yahoo account. And that was a strategy from Yahoo to encourage users from using Yahoo and its services, but on the long run, this is not a wise strategy. So, it seems that Yahoo has paid attention and seeks to change this. It seems that Yahoo still has confidence enough that there still much it could offer for users to opt for an account.

The change Yahoo has made started with the Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’Em and it will be moving gradually to include other services. And maybe, we will see later Yahoo services reserved only to Yahoo accounts.

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