The Perfect and The Best TVs

Many people experienced all the different TVs available in the market in 2016. Most of them however were disappointed with what they got. As to avoid falling in that trap we provide you with what you should consider before buying a TV.



First you should know how much you are willing to spend on a good TV, it won’t be that bad if you can go with with a 4K Ultra High Definition TV, but be aware that not every 4K TV is a good one, the best ones are the most expensive in this field, go for The HU8500 Samsung Series.



4K would not feel that good if you don’t have a big TV, make sure you pick up the biggest one you could afford taking under consideration the space between where you sit and where you are positioning your TV, just to avoid hurting your eyes



You should never buy a curved screen if you don’t have a full knowledge about the model you are buying, make sure you do your research before you spend your money.



When all the previous requirements are met, it is time to pay attention to the more intricate details. Before you buy the TV, be sure that it supports 4K streams, you can know that by having a TV that contains HEVC decoder, you should also check if the HDMI 2.0 is supportable so you can watch 4K resolution without any lags or freezes.



Buy a TV that enables you to watch programs without any reflections or contrast failures, you can know that by preventing yourself from the temptation of buying a TV that uses IPS. They are designed to prevent dark scenes and images look foggy or blurry when you are not sitting in angle that is not directly in front of the screen. To make this much simpler to understand, this an example; when you are sitting at the right or left side of the screen you can see milky pictures, that’s why you should avoid IPS TVs.



TVs that perform the task perfectly are expensive, the less you spend on a TV the lower is the quality of the image that is delivered. Buy brands that are known of their good products such as Sony and Samsung. Mid-ranged HD TVs are what you are looking for, Sony W829 and Samsung H6400 are good choices.



Almost everyone now checks her or his phone or tablet while watching TV, if you are that type of people, make sure you buy a TV that supports phone and and tablet sharing, they are called Smart TVs


The Best TVs


It might get a little bit confusing what we have said about all the brands and TVs, technology, pros and cons, for this reason we will offer you here a list that will make buying a great TV very easy for you.


Sony 50W829

The 50W829 is one of the best TV in the W829 series, this TV was proved how solid and convenient it is in the market and to the customers, it survived the competition and won as one of the most sold TVs in 2014. The colour, contrast and backlight control in this TV offers a viewing experience no other TV in the market managed to show.


    Panasonic 42AS500

After Plasma TV production was brought down, Panasonic managed to come back to the market through the AS500 series. The price of this TV is totally worth it, the design is perfect, the quality is equivalent to the best TVs out there. The only thing can be considered negative is that the TV does not have the special panasonic feature: Freetime. Regardless on that, it still support Home Screen option.


    Samsung 65HU8500

The is the best you can get amongst every brand or TVs. Samsung HU8500 Series is basically the leader of all TVs in 2014. The Curved Screen, 4K Ultra High Definition TV offers picture and motions with high contrast and beautiful smooth colours response, the TV can also support 4K streams which is scarcely supported by the other TVs in the market.



     Sony X9005B

If you are looking for the best 4K experience, Sony X9005B is what you are looking for. Sony has managed to combine every good aspect in this TV, starting from extraordinary colours, magnetic audio speakers that provides clarity, power and good range, amazing backlight handling, and astonishing upscaling processing. Sony never fails to impress its users, if these features meet your requirements, we counsel you to buy the sony X9005B.

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