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Best TVs to Purchase as a Gift

Are you trying to buy a gift for your loved one, a big expensive gift that will last forever ? a gift that will always make them remember you, a TV is one of the best options you have. TVs have always made a collection of good gifts for people who need one or people who have ones but need an upgrade. Even before technology reached this far in advancement, TVs were gifted to people, the first black and white TVs and also the ones that required an antenna to capture the best quality possible were a luxury exactly like OLED TVs and curved screens are right now. In earlier times, TVs were similar to one another to the extent that you could not be able to tell which one belongs to whom, this however has come to an end when color TVs sprung to life, the production became numerous, but with different shapes, option, size, quality and so much more.


Technology have contributed in making TVs become more useful and less similar, families now sit down to discuss what type of TVs they should bring to their household, and since we are talking about gift giving, we assume that you are trying to gift this for a family member that’s is why we will force you to have that discussion with us instead. There are several things to take under consideration in order to buy the perfect TV, for example there is the viewing angle, where the one you are gifting it to will position the TV, it should be a distance that is easy of the eye and healthy for all members of family, there is also the options like, OLED, 4K, curved or flat screens, 3D, features and so much more. We will explain these functions in the upcoming paragraphs hoping that you will come to a decision what TV to buy.


Curved screens -

The Budget

Before we go into details, you must be aware of the sum of money you are ready to spend on the gift, set a number in your mind, like this you won’t find yourself wanting something that is expensive for your bank account, there are plenty of brands that offer good TVs for a very high price but there are also others that offer a good TV for a suitable price, with this being said, don’t forget that there are also brands that offer low quality TV for a high price that can get you a very good TV. Don’t rush things up, take your time in inspecting the market, unless you are in a hurry that will cause you some stress, but fear not, the following paragraphs will enable you to decide what you want. The best time time to buy a TV is during sales, there are time where sellers reduce the price significantly, some brands make up to -60% discount on some of their products, usually they are not that good, but sometimes you can stumble by something that is worth buying. These sales can take place on winter, weekends, Black Friday, Memorial Days and so on.


LCD, Plasma or LED

Now that we have come to details about TV, we recommend that you consider this thing first, an LCD TV or a LED TV, in terms of technology advancement, the latter have preceded the former in invention, LED offers a good quality image in place that are bright so you won’t suffer any glossiness whereas LCD offers lower quality and can be a nuisance in bright rooms or offices. The overall review of the LED TVs can be summed up in in one word; Perfect, they offer better color and stronger performance, not only this, they also consume less power, all these things of course are in comparison with the LCD TVs and Plasma TVs which we consider a waste of money nowadays, but good thing can also come from buying a plasma TV.



When it comes to TVs, size really matters. Don’t be fooled though, bigger is not always better. When you talk about TVs you must keep in mind the line sight and the image quality as well, some people encounter various problems when they buy oversized TVs, regardless on those of health, big size TVs can cause picture to be distorted. Like we have mentioned earlier, one should consider the space between the couch/bed and the place where the TV is to be positioned. In order to do that we offer you these measurements that will enable you to know the size of the TV you should buy in comparison to the size of the room.


  • 5 feet or less = 27 inches TV
  • 6 feet 9 inches = 30 inches TV
  • 8 feet = 35 inches TV
  • 9 feet = 42 inches TV
  • 10 feet = 45 inches TV
  • 11 feet = 50 inches TV
  • 12 feet = 55 inches TV
  • 13 feet = 60 inches TV
  • 15 feet = 65 inches TV


3D Technology

When it first came out we thought that this feature is here to stay, that proved to be wrong as time elapsed, big companies like Samsung and Sony seem to have neglected 3D in their latest TVs. 3D is an option that allows the viewer to watch three dimensional pictures using the 3D glasses, this features is good for watching movies and documentaries filmed in 3D, if the person you are gifting a TV to loves watching these two things, then a 3D TV is the best you can get for him. You can watch TV without glasses of course.


4K Technology

Unlike 3D ,This technology is here to stay for real, or at least that is what we think. Most of TVs nowadays are made with this feature, the 4K quality delivers extraordinary image quality and contrast; The term 4K means that TVs have 4 times the pixels number that we find in normal HD TVs. if you want something that delivers good quality then 4K is what you are looking for.





System Features

The most important thing to know about new TVs is the system features or the programming features. New technology have equipped TVs with plenty of options that made the viewing experience broader and more fun. For instance, there are TVs that have a tablet and a phone that you can access easily through a controller, there are others that you can communicate with using your voice, TVs that remind you of your favorite shows and turn itself on when the show starts, buy a TV with the Smart TV program so you can use all these features.

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