Tips on choosing the right hair color for you

There are uncountable numbers of shades in the hair coloring products market. But, there are only few that might suit you, and maybe just one that will be the perfect match for you. The following tips will help you discover your ideal hair color.


  • Don’t go too far from your natural color

The final results you will get after dyeing you hair depend more on you natural hair color than on the products you will be using. It’s a universally known fact that lighter tones as such as gray, white or blonde hair, can take on almost any darker shade. But dark shades as such as brown, red or black, are really hard to dye into other colors, and harder to turn into lighter shades specifically. Before purchasing a hair coloring products, check the swatches on the box to get an idea about what will the final results look like on your hair. Better yet, check with a professional or just your usual hair styler, those usually know your hair even better than you ever will.


  • Know your hair goals!

Sometimes we decide on dyeing our hair just to enhance our natural hair color and add up some life to it. Ask yourself if that’s what you wanna do, or do you want to try on a darker or lighter shade? Going for the same or a darker shade is usually an easy task. The hard mission is to go from a brunette to a total blond for example, that would certainly require to be done by a professional hair styler. To make few of your locks stand out and add flavor to your haircut, but not much of a change, consider adding highlights.


  • consider your skin color

The color of your hair could either compliment or fade that of your skin. In order to not end up looking pale, make sure to pick a hair color that rhymes with your skin tone, and that would make your eyes stand out and shine bright. A hair color that suits your skin color will also compliment your facial features and add up to your beauty.


  • Keep your hair color unified

After dyeing your hair, you should avoid shampooing it for the next 48 hours so that the color won’t get washed away, or faded. But it will fade eventually after so many showers, and with your hair growing and roots showing up. So what you need to do, is to occasionally dye your roots with the same color of the rest of your hair. After a while, when the color starts fading and looses it’s healthy glitter, you will need to dye your hair all over again, and it will be up to you whether to keep the same color or make a change.


Ever heard a friend saying she needs to go clothes shopping because she will be getting a pixie haircut soon, or next week she will go a full redhead, and felt that it was a little weird and uncalled for? Well, guess what? It isn’t useless. Fashion is all about matching styles and colors and accessories, so in order to keep you looks on point, your outfit shouldn’t contradict with what’s your hair color is saying about you. Also, matching your clothes colors with that of your hair will make your beauty stand out more.

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