Your Guide On Buying Clinique BB Cream

After washing their face in the morning, most women usually proceed to putting make-up, in the process of getting ready for a long day either at work, college or an important meeting. Make-up includes eye liner, lipstick, blush, mascara, shadow… And most importantly, the foundation. Looking good is nice, but keeping your skin fresh and clean is more vital. Normal foundations usually just give the face a tone, while BB cream offers more than that. BB cream is not exactly a foundation, but it works like one, with many other privileges. Besides replacing foundation, BB cream smooths the skin, evens complexion, protects from skin damage and offers a sheer cover without looking gluggy. This guide will walk you through things you should know about BB creams and give you a clear idea about how to get the one that will suit your skin.

What is a BB Cream?

What became BB cream was originally formulated in the 1960s in Germany by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek to protect her patients’ skin after facial peels and surgery.

BB creams are short for beauty balms or blemish balms. They started hitting U.S. store shelves in the spring of 2011. Today, almost every major beauty company has a BB cream, from drugstore brands that cost under $10 to high-end department-store lines that may be as costly as $100 or more, as well as lines that are only sold at spas or in doctors’ offices. More are on their way. In addition to hydrating and evening out skin tones, BB creams also treat the skin with antioxidants or other anti-aging ingredients, plus offer broad-spectrum SPF.

Benefits of Clinique BB Cream

Clinique BB Cream is formulated to improve the look and feel of the skin as it offers sun protection, making it a viable option for anyone who wants to add a BB cream to their skin care kit that offers more than one benefit.

Clinique BB Cream is marketed as an anti-aging product because of its sun protection, which is concentrated at SPF 30. This level of SPF is quite significant and blocks a large portion of the sun’s UV rays, which contain free radicals that have the ability to destroy healthy skin cells. This is important because when free radicals are absorbed by the skin, they steal the components from healthy cells. This eventually causes healthy cells to die, which results in a loss of collagen and the more rapid development of wrinkles.

Boosting the skin’s elasticity and protecting it from spotting, premature aging and wrinkles are also major benefits of the use of BB cream. Clinique BB Cream acts as a sheer, slightly tinted primer that offers perfect coverage, resulting into flawless, consistent, lasting concealment of scars, blemishes, and uneven skin tone.

Clinique BB Cream also comes in several shades to help users blend the cream better into their skin. While the choice of shade is only limited to four colors, these shades cover a multitude of skin tones and undertones, which means that you’re more than likely to find a shade that suits you, make your skin look more youthful and blend in effortlessly.

What are The most  Active Ingredients in Clinique BB Cream?

The primary ingredients in Clinique BB Cream include five different sunblocks and sunscreens to give this cream its considerable sun protection, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Other active ingredients include caffeine, which reduces puffiness under the eyes and reduces the visibility of blood vessels under the skin, barley extract, which brings hydration to the skin, and squalane, which is a powerful emollient and moisturizer, that specially softens lines around the eyes and corners of the mouth, preventing wrinkles, or at least delaying them, making the youthful look last longer. Clinique BB Cream also contains seaweed extract and vitamin E, both known for controlling the production of natural oils in the skin, which result into making the makeup last from early morning to late at night.

The mineral pigments in Clinique BB Cream offer a coverage that blends uneven skin tone without caking nor damaging or stripping the dermis, allowing a healthy, fresh and youthful look.

Other Clinique Products to Use with BB Cream

A BB cream alone does not a beauty regimen make. Clinique offers a whole range of products to use before and after BB cream application for a cohesive facial care routine that suits the needs of every woman.

Makeup Remover

It is essential to give your skin from time to time a “Day off”, taking off all the makeup and just letting you face cells breathe. Clinique offers a Makeup Remover under the slogan “Take the Day Off”, that Dissolves and “lifts away” long-wearing makeup, even waterproof mascara.

This makeup remover formula is gentle on the skin and safe for lense wearers.

Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

After a long day of being trapped under suffocating makeup, the face cells need both to breathe and be nourished. Clinique Surge Overnight Mask penetrates the cells to moisture, soothe and nourish the skin, giving it a soft touch and glowing, oil-free look in the next morning.

Purchasing Clinique BB Cream online

Once you decide it’s time to give your face the care it deserves, you can shop for Clinique Age Defense BB Cream easily online. While browsing the net for this item, take in consideration the quantity, shade, and SPF that suits you best.

Before buying, take a minute to go through the seller’s profile to read previous feedbacks of other customers, or search for highly rated sellers, to avoid any complications with the delivery, money-back or service in general. Purchasing all of your favorite Clinique products together in bundles, from the essential BB Cream to Clinique cleanser, makeup remover, and refining mask, will help you save money and time.

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