Make your lips more beautiful with best lipsticks colors

Lipstick adds a vivid touch to every face, it makes you look more beautiful and let you feel your femininity. That’s why you should be very careful while choosing lipsticks, firstly you have to take in consideration the color of your skin, the size of your lips and if it will match with what are you wearing. SearcHub gives you some tips which will help you to pick the perfect lipstick color for your makeup.


 Use the appropriate lipstick color


For a best look, it is so important to know how to wear your lipstick, and you have to put on mind that what’s matter is to balance when applying makeup. If you love bright red lipstick shade and you want it to shine, it is better to keep your eye makeup minimal and stay away from using a lot of bronzer or blush. Also, you have to pay more attention to the undertones of your lipsticks colors, so with this way you can choose what will fit you face most.

  • knowing your skin tone

Looking bright and beautiful depends on the choice of the right color that will match with your skin tone while if the choice is wrong the result will be unpleasant. Before any step, you have to determine your skin tone, while you have a fair, medium or a dark skin, so relying on the tone you will be able to pick the right lipstick that will fit your face beautifully.


  • Choosing the correct shades for your skin

SearcHub give you some guidelines to help you pick the right shade of each skin :

Dark skin : if you have a dark skin, then you are lucky because almost any lipstick color will just fit your face nicely, but if you are looking for attraction burgundy and sheer pink is what you need

Fair skin : Deep berries, peachy pinks and golden browns will just make you look more shining and alive unlike some colors like bright pink which you have to stay away from.

Medium skin : The most you are away from pale browns, you are safe, while, reds and pinks will make you look prettier.


  • Arranging your lipsticks colors

the first thing you have to do is to get rid of the lipsticks that you don’t wear anymore, in order to make more rooms for your favourite ones. You can also put all your lipsticks out in the open where you can see them, also  a test shades will be very useful for you so that you can see the best for you.


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