DYI homemade gifts: 3 beauty products

Did you know that now instead of buying expensive beauty products from drugstores you can actually make the exact same ones yourself at home ? yes it is possible, easy and effortless. thanks to DIY projects you can now make your own beauty products and save some cash by only following few simple given instructions.


Follow the steps bellow to make these 3 easy-to-make homemade beauty products, chapsticks, hand butter and sugar scrubs at home and enjoy offering them as gifts to your friends and family.


DYI Chapstick:


Chapsticks or lip balms can be applied on chapped lips to moisturize and soften them and also allow them to be daily protected from dryness.

Here is the easiest way to make your own lip balm, and for this simple DIY you will only need two ingredients: Some Coconut oil and beeswax.




Over low heat melt down about half a cup of coconut oil with 1/4 cup of beeswax pastilles.

You can add an essential oil of your choice like peppermint or cinnamon for example, or some old lipstick to give the mixture a tint.

Continue stirring until the ingredients are all melted together poperly.

Next take some lip balm containers and fill them with the mixture. Place them in the refrigerator to cool. And that’s it ! now you have your own all natural homemade lip balm.


DYI Hand Butter:


We should not forget that our hands are also very sensitive to external exposures, non of us wants to have dry or rough non-hydrated skin, we all want our hands to always feel soft and smooth. This is a homemade method on how to made a hand cream that has a lot of moisturizing and smoothing benefits. For this DIY you will need the same ingredients we used previously: coconut oil and beeswax




Add 1/2 cup of coconut oil and 1/8 cup of beeswax into a heatproof bowl and slowly melt the ingredients together. Again you can add some essential oils if you like, it is optional.

Pour the mixture into your containers, and let it sit an cool until it’s completely hardened.

This homemade hand cream can also be used on other dry and chapped body parts, like lips, feet and elbows. It will help nourishing your skin and make it feel and look a lot smoother.


DYI Sugar Scrubs:


We all know that exfoliation is very essential for those of us who are interested to have healthy smooth body skin. One of the most commonly used body scrubs are sugar scrubs, these can help hydrate the skin, scrub away the dead cells and enhance the blood circulation in our bodies.

Here is a very easy recipe to make your own natural body scrub, and it only requires 3 ingredients:

2 equal parts of olive oil and granulated sugar, and again, some essential oils of your choice.




Add the sugar and olive oil into a mixing pool and mix them well together. Store your mixture in a jar. And your sugar scrub is ready. This natural sugar scrub will help exfoliate your skin very nicely, moisturize it and maintain the health of it.

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