Simple Do-It-Yourself Teacher Gifts

Showing your appreciation to your teacher will surely make her/him happy. There are many ways to thank your teacher for her/his hard work, handmade gifts are one way to do that. Holidays are the best time to let your teacher know how much you respect her/him. Sweets are the best choice for you, but there are also many great ideas for each one of your teachers. Here are simple ideas for the best Do-It-Yourself teacher gift.


1) Chocolate Bark:

This gift is perfect and easy to make. If you know your teacher’s favorite chocolate, white, milk or dark then it will be fantastic to play with the ingredients a little bit, if not, just get creative. Having this gift in your teacher’s drawer will give her/him a week of amazing chocolate. This DIY gift will take you almost 30 minutes to make and one hour to freeze.

  • For this you would need: 1. Chocolate wafers (melting chocolate) And 2. Toppings: This could be anything, pistachios, candy pieces, peppermint, peanuts, or anything that comes to your mind.
  • How to make it: You need a rim of ½-inch baking sheet, then parchment paper to line it with it. After getting your papers ready, melt or heat your chocolate, whatever method you like, then pour it into your baking sheet. Then put all your toppings over the chocolate and put it in the freezer for an hour. After taking it out from the freezer, remove it from the parchment paper, cut it into small sizes and place it in a beautiful gift box.


2) Lollipop Bouquet:

If you want something beautiful and edible, then the lollipop bouquet is one gift that won’t disappoint you. For this gift, you won’t need to bake or cook anything, you just need to have the appropriate tools and get to work. Now your teacher will have a lollipop bouquet that can last for weeks in her/his desk instead of a flower bouquet that will only survive few days. This will take you 20 minutes to make. Easy peasy.

  • For this you would need: 1. Lollipops 2. Small flower pot 3. Paint brush 4.  Chalkboard paint 5. Styrofoam ball 6. Chalk.
  • How to make it: Any small flower/plant pot will do. You can find many in any supermarket. You just need to make sure to paint it with two coats of chalkboard paint. Don’t forget to paint the inside of the top rim as well. After your pot is completely dry, place the styrofoam ball inside it, and add the lollipops equally in the ball. To make it look special, add your teacher’s name to the outside of the pot with a chalk.


3) Candy-Filled Light bulb:

This is a fun way for any teacher who loves logic and science. It will show how much you pay attention to details and also how motivated you are. It is also so easy to make and won’t take you much time. Actually 10 minutes is all the time you would need to make this creative gift.

  • For this you would need: 1. Plastic light bulb 2. Yellow candy ( Any yellow candy will be a perfect light, but you can go for M&Ms or Lemonheads) 3. Tag or cardstock 4. Ribbon or twine.
  • How to make it: It is really easy to make, you just need to get some plastic light bulbs and fill them up with the yellow candy you got. You can handwrite whatever you want on the tag, or you can use your printer and cardstock to print it. With a ribbon or twine, tie your tag to your light bulb, and voila you got yourself a smart gift that will light your teacher’s day and night.


4) Keyboard Letter Monogram:

If you want to show your appreciation to your smart tech teacher, then the best way to do that, is by monogramming. She/he will absolutely love it, and maybe it will end up hanging next to her/his desk. You would need 25 to 30 minutes to make this very smart gift, but a lifetime of gratitude from your teacher.

  • For this you would need: 1. Keyboard Keys 2. Shadow box frame 3. Cardstock 4. Permanent or super glue.
  • How to make it: First thing you need is an old keyboard. If you don’t have any old one, then don’t worry, you can easily find one online without hurting your pocket. After finding the old keyboard, pop off its keys and put them in the order you want and glue them on top of the cardstock. Attach a tag with your teacher’s name and put your monogrammed cardstock inside the frame.


5) Thumbprint Dandelion:

The thumbprint dandelion gift is so simple and artistic at the same time. If this is made for your art teacher, then you may even put a tear of joy in her/his eyes. And of course a big huge smile as well. This gift may take you an hour to make, but it is all worth it.

  • For this you would need: 1. Cardstock 2. InkPad (in ombre hues) 3. Fine-tipped permanent marker 4. Colored pencils 5. Frame.
  • How to make it: Get a white cardstock and draw the flower and grass, well not an actual flower, just the stem of i, with some colored pencils. Write your teacher’s name with the best handwriting ever, along with a little note, school year and also your name. Imprint your thumb to create the shape of a dandelion, wait until it is completely dry, use the fine-tipped permanent marker sign your name and put your beautiful art in the frame.


6) Apple Stamped Tote:

Having a tote will always come handy. Your teacher can use it to hold all the papers and books instead of carry them on her/his hand, or it can be used for outside school, for grocery or even shopping. It is easy to make, it will take 20 minutes of your time.

  • For this you would need: 1. Canvas tote bag 2. Fabric paint 3. Few apples 4. Paintbrush.
  • How to make it: First thing you should think of, is your design. You need to know the outline of your work and the colors you will be using. Once you do that, cut the apple into two halves (lengthwise), apply the paint you have to the apple, it’s better than put the apple into the paint. Then press the apple into the bag. Wait few seconds before removing the apple. Repeat this until you finish your design. Make sure to keep it simple. After all simplicity means elegance.
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