how to buy gifts for your-girlfriend

Perfect Gifts For Your Girlfriend

A down comforter

A down comforter will make every night a special night for your girlfriend. There is nothing women love more than a cozy way to sleep, and if you aren’t around to let her sleep in your arms, a down comforter will be a good enough replacement. candles

Spoil your girlfriend with a good smelling candle, or a bunch of them of multiple colors. That’s out to change her bathroom into a spa, and her bedroom into a heaven where she can relax and get rid of a long day’s stress. Sometimes, they serve as a pretty elegant decoration and a sweet reminder of you. Candles are cheap, but they give a feeling of luxury and romance.



There is no girl on earth that does not crave jewelry. Whether it’s a necklace, a ring, earrings or whatever kind of jewelry, your girlfriend is ought to love it. There is just one single mistake that you should avoid while shopping for jewelry for your lovely lady, and that would be buying something too mainstream. Something that every other girl could be wearing in the streets. You should get your girl something that will make her feel special, and remind her of you constantly. Try to get her something unique, something that suits or maybe even describes her personality, somehow. Something that she likes. For example, if your girlfriend is a Hobbit fan, getting her the one ring will be splendid.


A Victoria’s Secret lingeries

You can either give your girlfriend a Victoria’s Secret credit card and let yourself be surprised and amused, and this way it will be a gift for both of you to enjoy.Or you can pick someone yourself and surprise your fair lady with it. Whatever you pick, your girl will love it, just make sure it’s the right size.


A day/night at a Hotel

You might be used to spending the weekends just chilling with your girlfriend at your apartment or her place, it might also have grown to become more like a routine than something you keep looking for during the whole week. Break the routine and take your girl to a fancy hotel for a change. You don’t have to go out of town or to another city, just pick a nice hotel in your own city and treat yourself and your partner to a foolish day or night or even a whole 24 hours there, and pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate yourselves, and have fun!


A framed photo of the two of you

Nowadays, we take pictures more than ever. But, they are all digital and in gadgets. They can be lost or deleted or you can simply get your phone stolen for example. Framed pictures might be old fashioned, but they have a special charm to them. Your girlfriend, as modern as she could be, would really appreciate and love a picture of your too on a frame that she can put on her desk at work, or hang on her bedroom.


A fluffy bathrobe

There is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a warm and smooth bathrobe after a steamy shower in the cold weather. The feeling is so priceless that your girl will find it hard to change into something else, she would rather stay in her bathrobe than put on pyjamas.


The Lord of Misrule bath bomb

Your girlfriend will surely enjoy the lovely color and gorgeous fragrance of the this particular bath bomb. It even might ruin every other Bath Bomb for your girl, but you will give her the most relaxing feeling a bath can ever give, with flower petals or other surprises.


Body lotion

You certainly like your girlfriend’s smooth skin and warm touch, and would love to give her a massage every now and then. A good smelling body lotion is a great gift to let your girl know that you really like the touch of her, and that you are also willing to take care of her, and even spoil her a little.


A keychain

Girls are known for getting their keys lost in their vast handbags. Help you girl find hers easily by offering her a chic keychain in case she was a little fashionista. In case you have a nerdy & geeky girlfriend, a keychain that has her favorite superhero, or manga character for example, will be awesome.


Warm scarfs

If you are willing to buy your girlfriend a piece of clothing and feel lost about what might she want or need, don’t give it much thought. A scarf is almost the only piece of clothing that any girl has in her wardrobe, and they never have enough of them. Pick a scarf that is cozy and warm, and opt for a dark color that would go with any outfit, or you can get her favorite color, that would be pretty thoughtful.


A day together

The most priceless gift you can give someone is sweet memories. Give your girl a day to remember. Make it all about her and be on charge, it has to be you who plans everything ahead, from activities to food to what movie you will be watching together that night. Trust me, your girl will like you more for it.


A phone case

We can’t ignore the fact that most of us have their phones glued to their hands most of the time lately, we are hooked to this sort of technology. Yet, some are hooked more than others. However, is she is hooked or not, your girlfriend will certainly appreciate a phone case that has something she loves on it, or some inside joke you both share, it will serve as a sweet and elegant reminder of you every time she pulls her phone out of her pocket, or bag.


An “I love you” Card

A simple “I love you” card can mean a lot to your girl, even more than the most expensive jewelry and most delicious chocolate. Just make it genuine, and tell her reasons why you love her, and point out little details that make her special to you.

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