boygs wedding shoes buying tips

Boys’ Wedding Shoes Buying Tips

It is highly doubted that there is a day more special in a girl’s life than her wedding day. No matter how big her other achievements are, or how special her other days and occasions might be, the wedding day will always top them all, for it’s the day a girl fantasizes, dream and think about the most.

It’s a day that women wait as long as it takes for it to come, but when it comes, it should be nothing than perfect, everything should be on point and well planned ahead, leaving no room for unwanted surprises or unpleasant incidents.

While planning a wedding, a bride has too much details to take care of, but as surprising as it might sound, some little details might be more important than they actually seem, like : Boys shoes, specially your little ring bearer and flower boys




Everyone dress up as good as possible for a wedding, and that includes even children. It’s undeniable that they add a special touch and more joy the happy occasion, but they also be dressed up as comfortable as good, and this guide will help you make your child’s shoes both look and feel good.


Buying Boys’ Wedding Shoes:


Before buying wedding shoes for your little boy, there are few things you should be aware of and take by consideration, the following sums them up for you:



Dressing up for a wedding might sound simple: Dresses and heels for the ladies, dresses and sandals for the little girls, suits and shoes for the gentlemen and boys. But in fact, it isn’t that easy, the dress code should match the wedding style and mood. Considering shoes:  If the wedding is classic, shiny black loafers or oxfords are what your boy should be wearing. If the wedding is more casual, a matte black or brown shoe will do just fine. Wingtip boys’ wedding shoes. are perfect for a vintage wedding as much as  a pair of nice sandals is perfect for  beach wedding.



The last unpleasant surprise you would want to encounter on your wedding day, or while attending a wedding in case your are a guest, is little boys taking off their shoes and setting their little toes free. And you certainly don’t want your ring bearer to be the one to do this to you before walking down the aisle. For these reasons, you should be careful while picking boys wedding shoes, and make sure they are as comfortable as possible.


Keeping them on:

Sometimes, boys do not need a rational reason as such as lack of comfort to take their shoes off, they might do it just because they wanted to. While shopping for shoes, try your best to get a pair that isn’t easy for little hands to undo, go for something with buckles and other hard closures, because slip-on shoes are easy to be taken off, and laces are easy to undo.


Size :

Children grow so fast, and so do their feet. Before buying wedding shoes for your child, pay attention to the times interval between the day you will get them and the day the wedding is due. If the wedding is still months away, you should consider taking a larger size than your boy’s actual size so that he wouldn’t outgrow them by the time he should be wearing them.

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