Choose the Best Cowgirl Boots

How to Choose the Best Cowgirl Boots

If you think cowgirl boots are only for farms, then my friend you are mistaken. Today you can wear cowgirl boots with almost anything. Whether it is jeans, dress, shorts or even skirts, a cowgirl boots will make your outfit look stunning. Before shopping for your cowgirl boot, there are few things to consider, such as the use of your boot, the feather it is made of and the style. This buying guide will make it easy for you to choose the best cowgirl boot ever.


1) Consider the style of your cowgirl boots:

Mainly there are 4 types of cowgirl boots, depending on how you plan to use them. Rodeo boots, work boots, dress boots and casual boots. If you plan to be in a rodeo competition then rodeo boots are the one for you. They are usually a little bit heavy and have some unique designs. If you want cowgirl boots for casual and every day wear, then you may need to oil it from time to time to keep it clean and looking good. If you want to rock your wedding dress, you may also wear dress boots. Each use of these boots are taken in consideration by manufacturers, so they are different in heels, designs, the lining and the stitching. The last thing to think about is working outside. If you live in a rainy area or you simply work outside where your feet may be in contact with water, then you should thing about getting waterproof boots. It will keep your feel warn and dry in any weather.


2) Take into consideration the toe:

The style of the toe is also important. There are 3 different style of toes, pointed, square or round. You can choose from the 3 styles depending on your own style. If you don’t want you toe to be in contact with the boots, then consider getting pointed or square boots. They are designed to give you some space between your toe and the point or square. Round boots are more like the regulars shoes. Remember the style of your boots maye effect how it fits, so make sure to choose a style you like and make sure that the measurements are right.



3) Pay attention to the shaft height:

The height of your boots is totally up to you and your personal style. You can choose boots that is long enough to reach your knees or you can go for shorter boots that stop at your ankle. Usually you will find boots between 15 and 20 inches high. If you can for long boots, consider a height that will allow you to tuck your pants into the boot if you like it that way.



4) Consider the soles:

The soles also matters. A good quality soles will prevent you from slipping, will keep you safe and it will also give you comfort. So make sure your soles have some padding and also soles that made of urethane, rubber or slip-resistant material.


5) Consider fit, function and comfort:

The best cowgirl boot will have a good design, will fit you perfectly and give you extreme comfort. You can find many different styles with different materials. So before making the purchase, know what is that you want. Consider the color, the material, the use of the boot, the function of the boot, the fit and most importantly the comfort.

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