Top 5 accessories to rock a suit

Wearing a suit is always considered as a sign of elegance, and men wearing a suit are looked at as classy and handsome. But wearing a suit alone is not enough nowadays, you need some extra accessories to complete your look and make you look flawless.



A suit can look good without a tie, but it will always look incomplete. A suit with a tie will look great on you no matter where you are or what event you’re dressed for. Your tie should be noticeable but also, it needs to complete your look and not steal the spotlight of your suit. If you are wearing a suit outside the office, then you can go for lighter colors ties to show your own personal style. But if you are dressing for work, then you may want to go for conservative patterns ties , like stripes or a micro-grid, which are more appropriate for formal meetings, business or just work space in general. If you are going out at evening or for a formal party a bowtie will also look great.


Dress watches:

The right watch will never let you down, especially with the right suit. Choosing the proper watch is as important as the suit itself. For a formal suit in a formal event a simple dress watch is appropriate. A stainless steel watch with multiple functions will be great for a business suit, and with its multiple features it will come handy at the office. Note that, a watch with mother of pearl or diamonds on the dial will make you look fashionable, and  a watch with a blue or grey face will emphasize the colors in your suit and tie.


Pocket squares:

Pocket squares are usually worn with dress suits, it will give you a fresh overlook by adding some colors and giving your suit some personality which will show your personal style. Pocket squares often come at the same set with a tie, they can be matched or not, it depends on you, but they should not clash either. If they are not matched then you need to choose a pocket square that will highlight your tie.


Tie clip:

To complete your look, go for a tie clip, it is both fashionable as in it will make you look more elegant and functional because it will keep your tie neat and wrinkle-free throughout the day. You can choose a basic bar or features a design, both will bring all your other accessories together to give you a perfect overlook. When it comes to choosing between a tie clip and tie tacks, always go for a tie clip, it will never damage the material of your tie.


Cuff links:

Cuff links give your suit some sense of fashion and make you look elegant and classy. Normally they are worn only with French cuffs. There is a wide range of styles that you can choose from, depending on if you want basic cuff links or novelty cuff links. Nowadays you can wear French cuffs anywhere and anytime, so adding cuff links will always look great. For a meeting with friends go for pair of bold or novelty cuff links and for an office meeting or a formal event go for a sophisticated pair of cuff links.



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