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5 Tips For The best Holiday Clothing

Holidays are the season of events, parties, family gatherings, friends hangout and travels. It’s a fact that we take more pictures during holidays than ever, they are the time we spend with loved ones and we wanna always remember, and who does not want to look good on a picture that will last for a life time? Or more like, who doesn’t want to look good all the time? But during holidays, dressing up becomes a more serious yet fun task to fulfill, dressing up for a party isn’t the same as dressing up for a hike or for a barbecue… This guide will walk you through things you should do in order to achieve the best looks during every occasion you take part of and make your memories look more stunning.


5 Tips for the best holiday clothing:


Go for fun yet dressy styles :

Going to parties usually requires a classy and sophisticated look, therefore, dress and accessories. But that depends on the party theme, and usually, during holidays, more parties are casual, dedicated to meeting friend, catching up with mates and getting rid of some work stress, so you don’t need to stress yourself about what you should put on and be too picky about accessories. Remember, holidays are all about fun and enjoyment, so picking a dress with dots or flower prints with sandals along with a necklace and some earrings will do the trick. You will look both  polished and shining , the best part will be feeling light and comfortable in your own skin. If the party is too casual, your best bet will be jeans and a sweater or a tank top, depending on both the weather and your mood, the shoes will depend on how much fun you are planning on getting, sandals or heels are for casual hanging out, drinking, dancing and having conversation. If you are the kind of girl that likes to get the best out of a party, and feel too energetic, sneakers will be just what you need for a beautiful casual look and no feet ache after a lot of standing or moving around.

5 Tips For The best Holiday Clothing

Size matters:

Holidays are parties time, but they also are time to relax and feel as comfortable as you can, and that’s what  comfortable cloths can help you achieve. But, be careful not to confuse oversized comfy and good looking clothes with those misfitting outfits that they risk making you look larger than your are. For a friends or family get-together occasion, jeans along with an oversized sweater are the best for feeling comfortable and looking good. For a slimming effect, go with dark colors as such as black, grey and dark blue in sweaters, and dark washes in jeans.


Sparkle like a princess, but not a fairy:

The last thing you should worry about during your holidays is looking too good to be true. Many women are dying to pull off a satin chemise or a sparkly dress, but that is a total no-no during work time, so holidays is your best chance to embrace the things you long to and go fierce. Let yourself shine, you deserve it.


You are a prize, dress like one: Gold

Gold is a much avoided shade by women, either because they are not confident enough to pull off that look or because they don’t like draw much attention to them, so they would rather keep this little fantasy buried inside and go with some more subtle color, silver in best case scenarios of taking the risk of glowing. But ladies, holidays are always about taking the risk, and looking stunning with Gold accessories or heels or even a dress is nothing you would ever regret, but there is a high chance you might regret not going for it.


“Too much accessories!”, said no elegant women ever:

Adding up some accessories to flavor your look and flatter your outfit is essential as a final touch, earrings along with some rings, necklace and hand accessories all together are never too much, just make sure they match the outfit’s style and the occasion theme.

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