Introduction to the Best Handbags

Introduction to the Best Handbags

Fashion is a field that requires everything to be dressed, measured and fit accordingly. Some accessories are very important to the way you dress, they give it a stylish look and an authentic appearance. Handbags for women are one of the most essential accessories, they are practical, they can contribute in reflecting your personality, they can also contribute in changing your appearance. What you carry in your bag is what highlights these contributions to life, let’s say for example that you want to go from the regular day in the office make up, to the fancy party with friends make up, you can find all that you need assuming of course that you carried it in the bag. There are various brands that make the best handbags in the market, buying one from one of these companies is also very attracting. Moreover than the brand of the bag itself, there are numerous styles in the market and in this article we are going to give a brief introduction on each one of them, but do not worry, although it seems difficult to pick up the right handbag, we will try to help you find one even from big brands and designers such as Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Chanel, Gucci and so much more.



Evening Bags

If you are the type of people who like going out and enjoy evening parties with fancy people this bag is exactly what you are looking for. It is called an evening bag or cocktail party bags, it is a classic looking accessory designed for formal parties and events, the Evening Bag enables you, as the one who is carrying it, to look fabulous in your beautiful dress or gown. Some of these bag comes with a shoulder strap made of a chain or they come in the shape of a box, the latter is called Minaudiere, they are tiny, beautiful and have the capacity to carry only small gadgets such as phones, lipstick or credit cards, as far as fancy and classic parties are concerned that is all what a girl needs.


evening bags


Clutches are quite similar to Evening Bags. In shape, they can be held in one arm or under the armpits, they can be accessed easily through pressing the button or if it is a magnetic one, you can just pull it off. Clutches are preferably worn with dresses that are colorful and bright, they give the one dressing a fashionable and a very attracting look. They are practical for classic parties, they can carry your cash, cards, lipsticks and your cellphone.



This one is pretty big in comparison to the two we already discussed when it comes to size, they can fit for all your accessories and even clothes sometimes, they are designed to accommodate plenty of stuff, most of satchels are made with two straps, the straps material can differ from each one to another, there are satchels with leather straps and others with chains similar to the evening bags chains, the bottom is supported by a flat plank that makes it able to be put and stand on everything. Satchels can carry, as we have mentioned earlier, the thing that you use on daily basis, make sure you wear something that fits with them, colors, dresses and so on depends on your own style.



The name of these bags gives them the meaning of what they are meant for. Bags that can be worn across the body became very stylish, the designers now produce various body bags that have various features, there are bags that are held by leather straps and others by a chain, if you are the type of woman who prefers to keep her hands free of carrying anything, the Crossbodies are meant for you.



Shoulder Bags

These are probably the most common bags in the market, they are easily accessed by you, they can be carried either on shoulders as indicated by their name, or they can be carried by hand. These types of bags contains pockets on the inside and also the outside, they allow you to organize your items depends on the ones you use most, for instance you can tuck your phone in the bigger pocket, that will save you plenty of time instead of rummaging about for a minute or two, they are versatile and practical.


Hobo Bags

Stylish and colorful Hobos are. They are the best bags for women who don’t like sitting still at one place, just grab it and go, they belong to the family of shoulder bags as well, they contain pocket inside that will do the same function shoulders bags do. There are different types of Hobos that are made of different fabric and material, buy the ones that you can see fit for your overall style, simple of colorful, leather or suede, its all depends on your taste.



These one are for women who like to travel light, they are big in size and easily accessible thanks to their open tops, the handlers are almost always made of the same material the bag itself is made of. Totes can fit for your laptops and macbooks alongside with your day-to-day needs. These can’t be considered a piece of fashion sometimes, but if you are pretty aware of what you are doing they can be a great asset.



Finally we have backpacks, don’t be fooled by the name, they can too be carried by hand through the straps. The fashion field now have witnessed a significant growth in backpacks production, there are several backpacks that differs in size and shape and color, all of these have one thing in common, they can be carried on the shoulders, all of them have two straps made of leather, you can carry the backpack via one strap or both of them. You can organize your items accordingly in the pockets each backpack contains on the inside, they are practical for the office, traveling and moving around the city and even for school, all ages can wear these backpacks and of course all genders. It is so big it can carry all your accessories, books and technology gadgets.


Women backpacks

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