Choose the Best Fabric for Your Suit

As you may already be aware of, the types of fabric that are used in suits making is numerous and each one differs from the other not only in color and style but also qualities and when when it comes to making a suit, the quality is what matters the most the others are nothing but a personal opinion. With this being said, what you should know before decide to go to the tailor is to know more about the fabric and how a suit can be made using this material. In this article we here at searchub, will try to guide you step by step through this classic procedure hoping that by the end of the topic, you will feel more sure about what you are going to choose as fabric for your suit.


If you are reading this, you are probably one of the people who don’t think that a suit is a suit and you can buy one from a shop. Of course there are plenty of places from where you can buy a suit, but it is not guaranteed that you will find what you are looking for and most importantly something that fits, and wearing a bigger and not tight suit is not what you want, a fit suit makes you look handsome more than you already are, it makes you look sophisticated, smart and in shape. The suit you wear reflects your personality, it is your fender in the thoughts of people, be it at work, in a coffee shop or at formal events, people will not think negatively about you.


The fabric does not only contribute in making your suit last longer, it also affects the look of how it is being worn, in other words and for example, if you are wearing a cheap suit of very low quality fabric, you will notice that the fabric does not stand to be fit, but if you buy a fabric of high quality, the suit will fit you perfectly. For all these reasons, you must be aware of the things to start with in order to make a good suit.


Ready to Wear Suits

As we have mentioned earlier, there plenty of suits that you can buy from shops, but the problem with these suits is that most of them are cheap, and the cheaper the suit is, the lower quality is the fabric. You can distinguish low quality fabric by weighing it, don’t use a scale to do that, just your hands can do the job. Usually good quality fabric is heavier that the low quality one, don’t be seduced by the low price, you are going to buy two of those while buying an expensive one can last longer than 6 cheap suits.


Buy suits that are marginally made of pure wool, these man made suits have a special feature that enables your suit to stay in shape, when hanged these suits take back their natural fit form thanks to the natural fabric used in making them. Tailors can make these suits for you, but they can also found in shops the only thing you must be sure of is the brand, and of course the better is the brand the higher the price will be.


Types of Fabric

Most of the high quality suits are made of pure wool that is why it is the most common in this industry. This material can be used to create other materials such as tweed, fresco, flannel and so much more. Wool have different qualities and these qualities can be measured by numbers, the higher the number is the better is the quality, these numbers refers to how many times the material have been worked on or as professionals say it “worsted”, the longer the wool is combed before spinning the higher the final result of the quality, they start from 100 to 180, and as much as the numbers get high, the price also becomes higher.


Although they are made of wool, these suits are not at all too hot to wear in summer, you can wear them in the hottest days and all the heat you are going to face is the normal temperature of the day and the clothes, a normal summer day sweat. We think it is safe to say that every types to clothing does not stay in shape if it is worn all day, the same things goes for suits, but the difference is that the fabric enables the suit to regain its shape once it is taken of and hanged. There is one problem with suits that are higher than 140s, these suits will quickly lose their quality if they are worn everyday, you should probably save them for special occasions, such as work parties or weddings.


If you wonder how quality of the fabric can be measured with weight, here is a small quick guide:

  1. 15-20 oz : Heavyweight = Highest quality
  2. 11-14 oz : Midweight = medium quality
  3. 6-10 oz : Lightweight = Low quality



If you have money, we would recommend that you never buy suits belows 140s, they are expensive but totally worth it. When it comes to suits, the more you spend the higher the quality is the suit, but this only applies if you buy them from famous brands or have good tailors work on them for you. Spending from 150$ up to 300$ can afford you a very good suit of high quality, we can’t say that enough, because quality is everything a suit is about, check shops like Tyrwhitt and Reiss, they have the best you can buy from a shop that sells ready to wear suits.


There are plenty of professional tailors all around the globe, some of them are just ordinary but there are other who are very skillful, and those ones exactly are the people you should look for. A good tailor will provide you with samples of the fabric that you want your suit to be made of, in addition to that; a good tailor will give you advice about everything that is related to the suit starting from colors and the way it should be dressed, never pick something that looks very light, unless you want it to be light.

Take under consideration the color, weight, fabric and design you want before you visit a tailor, you can spend a whole day at a tailor if you intend to go there then pick, because some tailors have over 10.000 choice between those 4 things combined (color, weight, fabric and design), you can find samples on magazines and all over the internet, of course inspecting those colors by the eye is better but it will take too much time, you should be precise before you go to a tailor. While you are doing all this don’t forget the purpose of the suit, what events you want to wear it into, you will notice that it will get very easy to get the suit you want.


Sometimes people get surprised by the result they get after they suit is done, they claim that it was not the fabric they have chosen, although it is the one they chose, these issue result in misunderstanding with the customer in the tailor. When you choose a fabric, you can see it from a perspective that will make it look light or dark depends on the situation, in order to avoid this problem, there is a simple procedure that enables you to know how your suit will exactly look, take the sample of fabric the tailor has offered you and round it around you wrist, this way you will see how a tight, light or dark the suit will look when you wear it.

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