How to Buy Shoes for Your Little Girl

How to Buy Shoes for Your Little Girl

Your little girl is on her way on becoming a young lady. So maybe this is the time when you need to pay more attention to her sense of style. Shoes are as important to her as they are important to you. So while shopping for your little girls shoes, there are some things you need to consider, such as style of the shoes, type of the shoes and fitting. This buying guide will show you how to choose the best shoes for your little princess.



1) Keep in mind how your girl is going to be using her shoes:

There are is a large range of shoes to choose from. Ask yourself does your girl need a shoes for everyday use, for a special occasion or for physical education class. Knowing the purpose of the shoes will make it easier for you to shop for the shoes.



2) Keep in mind the style of your little girl shoes:


  • If your little girl needs shoes for everyday use, then you can simply get her sneakers or tennis shoes. They are soft, comfy and your child can move easily while wearing them. You can find some sneakers that allow your girl’s feet to breathe and stay cool. A great thing about sneakers is that they have laces which are adjustable to fit your girl’s feet. Laces will keep the shoes in your her little feet while she plays and runs freely without the worry of losing it. If your girl plays a specific sport, then you can get her the shoes for that sport, also make sure to provide her with sports cleats. Sport cleats are very important, it will give her all the padding she needs to play in complete comfort.


  • If your girl needs a casual shoes, then you might want to consider a pair of slip-on shoes. This type of shoes are all the comfort your little angel deserves. They have lots of padding, so it won’t hurt if she walks for a long distance. And also they are really cute and adorable, so it can be worn everyday, with everything and almost anywhere. Your girl can wear a slip-on shoes with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses. A great feature a slip-on shoes have is that they are really easy to be put on, so your little girl won’t have any trouble wearing them.


  • During warmer months, your girl can wear a slip-on on simply go for sandals and flip flops. They are lightweight, which will make it easy to walk. You can find different colors and styles to match your girl’s outfit.

For formal event, such as a wedding, a birthday party or a graduation party, you might want to consider dress shoes.

A pair of dress shoes will make your little princess look beautiful and adorable.

You can purchase dress shoes with heels, this will make your girl feel mature and classy.

But if  you or your little one don’t feel comfortable with heels, then you can always purchase peep-toe flat shoes. They are classy and comfy.


  • When the rainy season hits, you must consider rain boots. Rain boots will keep your girl’s feet dry and warm. And also they would look great on her. She can wear them with dresses, jeans or skirts.


  • For hot weather, you and your girl may want to plan a trip to the beach, the pool or waterfalls. If you don’t want your child’s shoes to get wet and be ruined, then consider buying water shoes. They are made of plastic, so no matter how much water they are exposed to, they will still stay good and strong.


  • If your girl needs something to eat inside the house, then make sure she has a pair of slippers. They are comfy and can be worn everyday.



3) Keep in mind shoe size and fit:

This is very important. You absolutely do not want your girl to walk in a funny way, or feel pain while she walks. the right measurement will provide the ultimate comfort. Which automatically will make your girl stay at ease and happy.



4) Keep in mind to replace the shoes in couple of years:

Your girl will eventually grow up, and while she’s growing up her shoes may not fit her anymore. So make sure to to replace the shoes the minute your girl feels that it is a bit tight on her feet. Also if the shoes get torn up or ruined, make sure to get her a new one immediately. Having water in her shoes in a rainy day is no fun at all.

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