Your guide to get Children’s Shoe Size right

Living in a global market makes buying items easy, including children shoes. But still, buying children’s shoes isn’t an easy task, at all. Children grow quickly and it’s important for a healthy physical growth to make sure they are wearing well fitting shoes, and this responsibility will make parents feel a constant need to buy new shoes for their kids. In order to help you get the shoes size right and therefore your child’s feet comfortable, this guide will provide you with size conversion charts that will be, hopefully, of a lot of help.


How to measure your child’s Shoe Size

The first step you have to get through to find out your child’s shoes size is to measure their feet. In order to do that, you will need the following equipment : A paper, a pen and a ruler.Draw a straight line on the paper and  have your child step on it after you put it on a hard floor, then mark the base of the heel and the end of the longest toe on the line. Measure the distance after that with the use of the ruler and make sure to note it down in both inches and centimeters. You will have to measure both feet and go with the greater measurement. In case your child is still an infant or toddler, you can still use the same method, only this time, you will have to hold the paper to his feet instead on making him step on it, or you could just use a clarks foot measuring gauge.

Children’s Shoe Size Charts

For every age range, there is a suitable chart for your children shoe size. While converting your children shoe size or trying to find it out with the need of the measurement you already took, you will have to take your child’s age by consideration. The following is a number of charts that will help you define the size for either an infant shoes, toddler shoes, for a shoes for a child , or shoes for a preteen. The same chart can be used for all kind of shoes, from flip-flops to winter boots.

Converting to International Sizes

Now that you have your child’s shoe size figured out, you might want to shop from an international store, or online. Therefore, you might need to convert a US shoe size into an international size or vice versa. In this case, an international conversion chart for children’s shoes will be very handy, and again, it can be used for any kind of shoes.

Buying Children’s Shoes on Searchub

Knowing your child’s shoe size in both US and other countries makes purchasing shoes online fun, easy and offers you a wider circle of choices.

Before going through the process of purchasing the shoes online there are few things you should pay attention to. First of all, look for a trusted website, Searchub for example. Second of all, you will really want to deal with a trustworthy seller, so look for one with a high positive rate. Third of all, make sure you will be able to return the order back if it doesn’t fit.

Finally, If you have any question or special requirement, do not hesitate to contact the seller.


Once you learn to use a conversion chart to get your children feet size, getting them new shoes will keep getting easier and easier. And you’ll have plenty of choices ahead of you, since you will certainly be able to convert from a US shoe size to one from UK, Europe or Australia, and vice versa… Also, you will gain a lot of time and energy by using this method instead of trying to make lucky guesses, and your child’s shoes will fit just perfectly.


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