6 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Business Suit

When you are running errands for your company, going for meetings or having a business trip you should be presented well, mainly because you are representing the name of your company or your own business, the representation and first impressions are very important in this field and in any other field. As you reading this, you will be aware of what we have stated assuming you are a successful businessman or a starter. Wearing and choosing a suitable business suit is not that simple. The items that shape your fancy look can be several, yes! not only the suit that will make you look fabulous, watches, pins, weather and the environment are also factors that contribute in making you look fit and amazing.


We are here to offer you advice as to how to wear a suit better and things that you should know before you go ahead and waste your money on a suit, this article will guide you and enlighten you of the things that you should consider when you are looking for the perfect suit to wear. Without further ado, here are 6 simple things that can help.


Ready or Make Ready ?


One of the most common issue people encounter are oversized suits, the people we are talking about are those who buy already made and off the rack suit, what you should know about this is that finding the perfect suit is almost impossible, there is always something about the suit that you don’t like, this is why you should always go to tailor, he can make a suit for you just as you have imagined it and want it to be, it will never be too short, too long or too tight, this is of course can be achieved with your supervision, always communicate with your tailor about the things that you don’t like and the things that you do. Measurement is the key when it come to suits.



When it comes to what types of colors you want your suit to be, it is really a personal thing, but as far as business is concerned, it is almost never a personal thing, you should find what will make you look better and stern. If you happen to not know what you should go wearing for work, the most common colours are charcoal or navy, the look simple but gorgeous, these two colors can be worn to any type of meetings or companies and will still look fancy. You can also wear grey, only make sure you don’t do it when it is raining. These colours are a sample of the various choice a good tailor will offer you.


Match Things Up


Suits can be worn separately, for instance, you can wear the top vest with another pair of trousers, and you can also do the exact opposite, the only things that matter is that you match things up. Don’t go to your job wearing colors that have as much space between them as sky and the ground, wear something that match, it is up to you, just try not to exaggerate in colors, same thing applies on the fabric as well, don’t wear a wool vest with a tweed pair of trousers, i know i wouldn’t do that, but who knows maybe it is totally okay for you, just know your environment, the office is all that matters, if you know that you are going to be comfortable and full of self confidence then you should care less for a suit.




You know what you should own when you get your suit ready ? another suit. Make sure you have at least two suits so you can change, don’t go wearing the same suit for months, wear one and hang the other to make it regain its shape if it is made of pure wool. Chose two different tailors to do the job for you, this way you can know who is better if you have just started making your own suits. More than two or three suits can help you combine things up, buy this one’s top and the other one’s trousers, and also in case of accidents like spilling coffee or tea, you will have other things to wear while the others gets cleaned up, just don’t dry clean them more than twice every year, it will reduce the quality and life of the suit significantly. You should own suits that match together in order to have the options we have already mentioned, keep this fact under consideration. This must not be centered around suits, you can have your tailor make only trousers or shirts for you.




Colors and looks are nothing but a small proportion of the suit, what really matters is the quality of the fabric, don’t wander around following fashion and forget quality. Professionals believe that the best fabric from which you can make a good suit is pure wool and mohair, this fabric will at least make your suit able to survive the day, a business day is not only hard on you it also hard on your suit. The reasons why wool is preferable is that it regains it shape very quickly, hanging the suit in your wardrobe for a day or two can do the trick, wool is also durable in comparison with the other fabrics in the market, moreover than this, in hot days wool helps in keeping the sweat from the surface of the suit. Hot days and hard mission that requires a lot of movement won’t affect the way how you look , as for how you smell, it is really your thing. Technology has contributed in making the suiting experience smoother, there have been a genius invention in this field not so much time ago, Nano fabric was invented to keep water as far as possible from soaking into the suit and instead it makes it run off on it. Have your tailor add this feature in your suit also, it will help greatly.




Set the budget you are ready to spend on a suit so you can have freedom and know exactly what quality of fabric you will have your suit made of. But budget can be very tricky, this is why you must be aware of the prices in the market, if you do this, will certainly set the right amount you are ready to spend and therefor will have the flexibility without thinking of your monthly or weekly salary.




By the end of this article your will be able to distinguish between the importance of making your own suit with your tailor and buying one off the rack, the latters seldom fit its buyers whereas the former will made based on your measures. You will also be able to decide what fabric has the higher quality and finally you will have a notion or two about how to dress when it comes to suits and changing them regularly.

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