The ultimate Diamond Buying Guide :

The ultimate Diamond Buying Guide

Jewelry are a long life investment. They can stay with you for many years if not forever. A nice, fine piece of jewelry can be passed on for generations. So when it comes to choosing a good quality ring and especially if it is something expensive and elegant like a diamond ring you may want to take a step back and know all your options before putting your money on the table. So are you looking for a diamond ring, but you think you don’t have enough information on how to actually purchase one? Well you don’t have to worry, here at searchub we made things easy for you, all you need to do is keep on reading this guide and you will know all the information needed to buy the ultimate diamond ring.


The first things you should look for when looking for a diamond ring are the the four C’s, which are the Color, the Clarity, the Cut, and the Carat weight. Knowing the four characteristics by which a diamond’s quality is measured will make it easy for you to choose the best diamond ring ever.


First thing we are going to start with is the diamond’s color


1) Diamond Color:

Most people go for colorless clear diamonds. But there are many different colors you can choose from. There is actually a scale of colors that goes from colorless clear diamond till a bright shiny yellow one. In between you can find some grey or brown diamonds. If you want some fancy colors such as pink, blue or purple you may need to look a little bit more, because they are usually very rare and hard to find but not impossible yo find.


Now that you choose the color of your diamond ring, you may want to check its cut.


2) Diamond Cut:

The cut of the diamond means two things. first it refers to the diamond shape, second is how the diamond was actually cut.


  • The ideal cut is when light enters the diamond, travels to the pavilion and reflects from the other side to your eyes. The deep cut or the shallow cut will make the light escape from one side and not reflect back to your eyes. Always go for the ideal cut.
  • When it comes to the shape of your diamond, you will have a vast range of 12 different shapes to satisfy your taste.
  1. Emerald: Emerald diamonds are rectangles with a large flat top.
  2. Heart: Well just imagine the shape of a heart. This might be the perfect way to show your love and affection towards the person you are buying the ring for.
  3. Cushion or pillow cut: Cushion diamond can be rectangle or square with rounded corners.
  4. Oval: Oval diamonds are rounded and tall but not very wide.
  5. Asscher: The smaller version of emerald diamonds. They have the same cut but these are squared.
  6. Radiant: Radiant diamonds can be square or a little bit rectangle with trimmed corners.
  7. Marquise: Marquise diamonds are almost like oval diamonds, except they have more pointed ends.
  8. Trillion: Don’t worry they don’t cost as their name says. These actually are triangular diamonds with curved or straight ends.
  9. Pear or teardrop: You can tell its shape by its name. It has one large rounded end and one pointed end.
  10. Princess: Princess diamonds are usually squares but sometimes they come in rectangular shape. But they always have 4 pointed corners.
  11. Baguette: Baguette diamonds are rectangular and usually they are used to accent other diamonds. They are usually cut with 14 facets.
  12. Round: The round diamonds are the most popular. And they are usually cut with 58 facets.

The ultimate Diamond Buying Guide :

The third C is for the Clarity of the diamond.


3) Diamond Clarity:

A diamond’s “clarity” grade means how many flaws it has. Mainly they are two types of flaws: Inclusions and blemishes. Blemishes can be found on the surface of your diamond, and inclusions can be found within your diamond. The less ¬†inclusions and blemishes a diamond has, the more perfect it will look.


The final C to look for is Carat Weight.


4) Diamond Carat Weight:

A carat is a unit of measurement and it is the basic unit used to weigh diamonds. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams, or 200 milligrams . “ct” or “CT” is the abbreviation used when describing a single stone. When the diamond jewelry is set with other diamonds, “TDW,” which refers to “total diamond weight” is added. Note that carat is NOT karat. “Karat” is a different word that is used to describe he purity of gold.

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