Men's Suits

How to choose the best Men’s Suits to Wedding

No matter what reason you’re attending a wedding, as a groom, a bestman or just a guest, you want to look at your best. With the right style and color, you will look charming and stunning. This buying guide will show you the different types of suits out there and  help you choose the best one for you to wear to weddings.


1) Formal weddings:

A tux is the key to rock a formal event, especially if you are the groom or the best man, then wearing a tuxedo is the best choice for you. You can choose a two pieces tux or three pieces tux depending on your own personal style. If you want a two pieces tux then you can choose to wear suit pants and a suit jacket, and if you want to go with three pieces then you need to add a vest or you can choose a tux with a cummerbund. The last piece you need is a bow tie or traditional necktie to complete your look.  For colors, black is your best friend when it comes to formal events.


2) Daytime weddings:

Daytime ceremonies are not that formal, which is perfect because you will have more suits options to choose from. A daytime wedding will give you the chance to wear light colors such as light grey, tan or even white. A dress suit or even suit separates will look amazing on you in such occasions. Remember if you choose to go with a suit separates, then you may want to choose a light suit jacket and darker pants, and if there is an evening reception afterward it will be much easier for you to only change the light suit jacket to one which isd much darker in order to have your evening look.


3) Evening weddings:

Evening ceremonies are much formal than daytime ceremonies. So you may want to dress properly for the occasion. Normally a black or a darker suit such as navy will do the trick. You can choose a well-tailored men’s suit in a dark color and go for a colorful tie to get a fabulous look. If you are a best man then you may want to choose the same color as the groom and as for the color of the tie you can match it with the wedding colors.


4) Summer weddings:

For summer ceremonies go for light-suits, the lighter the better especially if it is a beach wedding. You don’t want to look too formal, so a tan suit will make you look charming and at the same time dressy. Remember it could be very hot during summer, so choose a material that will keep you cool such as linen or cotton.


5) Fall and winter weddings:

For cold seasons light suits won’t be fashionable. So you need to go for darker suits, but that does not mean you only need to go for black, you can choose some dark colors such as deep charcoal, navy, and even chestnut brown suits. All of these colors will give you a stunning look and make you look as if you are a celebrity. Make sure to choose some heavy warm material to keep you warm if it is cold.

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