Your Guide To The Perfect Retro Swimwear

Just as summer gets started and the beaches get crowded, women of all ages and shapes start pulling out their old swimsuits in order to figure out if there is a need to get a new one, or the one they already have can still be used. Using last year’s swimsuit is economic in case it hasn’t worn out or faded, but sometimes, your body changes during the period separating one summer from the next, you might lose or gain weight, or any other body changes caused by pregnancy, puberty,etc… And this is when getting a new swimsuit becomes a must, more than a luxury.

Every body type has a special swimwear style that flatters it. Though Retro swimwear is especially flattering to curvy women, it still can pretty much suit any other figure. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to choose the perfect swimsuit for your body, Retro swimwear in particular.


Characteristics of Retro Swimwear

Some might prefer a full-fledged retro, Others may prefer retro that is both classy and modern. Swimsuits come in variety of styles and colors, and for this reason, women should be aware of the different characteristics of a retro swimsuit to be able to recognize every style.



Retro bikini bottoms are usually high enough to conceal the belly button, yet they offer more lower body coverage than modern styles with the help of a really short skirt or a panel in front. Even without the skirt, retro bikinis are cut to provide as much coverage as possible.


Ruching and Ruffles

Ruffles and ruching are quite the ornaments for a retro swimsuit, they make them look beautiful and classy. However, they make them more suitable for poolside recreation and beach fun than for actual swimming, because they make them less smooth. While the ruffle runs along the edge of the neckline or across the bust only, the  Ruching is usually done throughout the entire suit, with the exception of the bust the bikini area, and that why some women prefer it, because it’s excellent for covering any unwanted bulges or rolls.


Retro Swimsuits come in almost every color, but their most popular colors are: bright lipstick red, canary yellow, cool violet, black, beige, chocolate brown, pale green, and navy. Sometimes, a single swimwear might more than one color when it’s decorated with floral patterns, broad stripes, and polka dots…


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Swimsuit


There is a number of different factors to consider while shopping for a new retro swimsuit. First, the body shape. Every girl has her best body features that she wants to emphasize, and not so favorite features that she would like to avoid dragging attention to. Secondly, the use of the swimsuit should have a huge impact on what you decide to buy. Purchasing a swimsuit for mostly  swimming isn’t the same as purchasing one for sunbathing.Colors might appear to not be that big of a deal, but when you choose a color that goes well with your skin tone, it really shows up.

Body Shape

Naturally curvy women look great in retro swim styles because they were created to perfectly suit the hourglass body shape. Petite women or women with short legs may want to try a retro bikini, too. The high-waisted bikini bottom will give the illusion that the wearer’s legs start higher than they actually do, making them appear longer.Women with small breasts can also benefit from the ruching or ruffles around the neck, and retro swimsuits necklines styles, they really do help make them look bigger, or at least flatter them.


Are you a person who spends most of summer wrestling with waves, swimming or surfing? If yes, then you will have to go for a more secure and practical swimsuit, to avoid losing your bikini in the ocean, of feeling the need to adjust your outfit every once in a while. In case you are more of a sun adorer during summer season, you like to sun-bath, relaxing beside the pool or strolling the beach, you can go for more elegant swimsuits that compliments your figure and skin color.


A small swimsuit will emphasize your curves more than needed, while a larger one will wrinkle all over it once it gets wet. A well-fitting swimsuit, will feel smooth against your skin, and will make your movement easy and relaxed. Do not worry about the changes you body might go through in the future while choosing a swimsuit, focus on how it is the moment being.



Summer is a colorful season, full of joy and fun. Yet, when it comes to swimwear, the ladies should put some thought into the color that would complement their skin and texture.  A darker or more vivid color, like navy, deep purple, maroon, or a similar shade are the best bet for pale women. Women with tanned or dark skin will look good in bright colors. Brighter colors will also provide emphasis for features that women want to emphasize, while dark panels can provide a slimming or concealing effect.

Buying Retro Swimwear on Searchub


Retro swimsuit are usually available in Women’s Fashion category, under the Swimwear section. For a quicker search, you can just type “women’s retro swimwear” into searchub search bar and then making a selection from the listings that appear. You will be able to choose the size, color, and number of items, of course, but you should also consider a seller that is highly rated, with many positive feedbacks, and why not one that provides free shipping to save some money.


Before purchasing a swimsuit, it’s highly recommended to try it on to ensure that it fits perfectly and gives the desired look. In case of purchasing it online, the customer should make sure the seller provide a good return policy.

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