Top 4 Tips to Match your Tie to your Shirt

You may think that matching a tie and a shirt is a very easy task. Well if you do, then you may want to re-think that again. There is a huge range of ties, with different colors, different shapes, different designs and different patterns. And the same goes for shirts. So matching the two, is a very difficult task, that need some extra attention, so that you will not mess things up. Here at searchub, we are going to give you the best 4 tips on how to match your tie with your shirt, with no problem.


1) Selecting a shirt:

The first thing you need to think of is selecting a shirt. Your shirt must match your overall look, before matching only your tie. Your suit should look complete, you do not want to mix colors or styles that do not mix. If you want a formal look, then you can go for black on black. But if you want just a casual look, then you can choose some colors that will give you a nice look, and still flexible to be worn in different occasions.


2) The most attractive color in your shirt:

Solid colors are easy to match. So if your shirt is a solid color one, then it will make matching it with a tie an easy task. But if you are looking for a shirt that has many colors, or some complicated design pattern, then it ill be hard for you to find that one tie that will make your shirt be noticeable.


3) Matching your tie to the main color of your shirt:

Your main purpose in matching a tie and shirt, should be to find a tie that will complement the main color of your shirt. If your shirt is solid color, then your tie should be in a different color that your shirt. For example, if your shirt is blue, then you can choose a tie that is yellow or red. If you have a green shirt, then you can also go for a red tie. If your shirt is white, then you are lucky, any color of the tie will look great with it. If you are not sure whether the color of your shirt and the color of your tie will match, you can go online and check for color wheel. It will help you identify colors that match, and then you can choose your tie depending on that. For shirts that have different colors and patterns, make sure that your tie have at least one common color with the colors in your shirt.


4) Selecting a tie depending on the tie patterns:

If you have a solid-colored shirt, then you can choose a tie that has different colors and patterns. But if it is your shirt that has pattern designs, then you have to choose a tie that has a contrasting design. For example, if your shirt has strips, then go for a tie that has a different width of strips.

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