Easy 6 Tips to choose the Best Men’s Sport Coat

The greatest thing about a sport coat, is that it can be worn in a formal occasion and in a casual occasion. Sport coats have patterns, which make them flexible to be worn with different colors. whether you are going to a party, a night club, a date, to have a drink with friends or a meeting, a sport coat is your best friend. This buying guide will help you choose the best sport coat for men, by providing 6 simple, yet helpful tips.


1) Sport coats are designed to be independent.

You don’t have to match your sport coat to your pants or shirt. Sport coats are designed to go with any kind of pants and jeans. Another thing to keep in mind, is that you should not match the fabric of your sport coat with the texture of your pants.


2) The fit of the sport coat.

The fit of your sport coat is very important. You do not want to have a clumsy kind of look. Make sure that your sport coat is fit in the shoulders area and the chest area. Also pay attention to collar. It needs to be smooth on your neck. Another thing to keep in mind, is the sleeves. You dont want your sleeves to be too long or too short. Finally, the length of the sport coat. Your sport coat should be long enough to reach your bottom, and cover it a bit. Remember the right measurement is as important as the sport coat itself, it will make you look good.


3) Single-breasted, or double-breasted sport coats.

There are two types of sport coats, single- breasted or double-breasted. A single-breasted sport coat is very flexible and can be worn in any kind of situation. If you are looking for a more formal sport coat, then go for a double-breasted one. This type works better on tall men. Remark: For single-breasted, the buttons can be fastened or unfastened, whereas a double-breasted sport coat, must have a fastened buttons at all time.


4) Sport coat fabric.

Usually sport coats were made with sturdy fabric, such as houndstooth or woolen tweed. But today the most popular sport coats are the linen ones, along with silk, cashmere and polyester-wool blends. You can also find corduroy, plaid and microfiber suede.


5) Flexibility of the sport coat.

A sport coat can be worn in different occasions. Like i said before it can formal, so it can be worn in a meeting, an interview or to workplace. And informal, it can be worn for a date, a concert a night with friends, so on. For a casual look you can wear a t-shirt, jeans and snickers with your sport coat. You can wear patterned socks with your dress shoes for a polished look. And for a more formal event, you can wear a dress shirt, a tie and a good looking slacks or trousers.


6) Sport coats material.

You need to choose a sport coat depending on seasons. Doing so will keep you either warm or cool. For summer, you can go for linen, for winter you may want to choose wool or cashmere, and for fall, go for cotton. And for colors, go for tan in warmer seasons, and black and dark colors for cold seasons. Grey and brown can be worn in both.

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